At every odd-numbered level (1st, 3rd, 5th, and so on), Scouts gain an additional Talent. A Scout may choose a Talent from any Talent Tree they wish, but they must meet the prerequisites (If any) of the chosen Talent. The Talent can be selected from one of the following Talent Trees (Scout):

Talent Trees List Edit

Saga Edition Core Rulebook
Awareness Talent Tree You are exceptionally good at noticing things and avoiding perilous situations.
Camouflage Talent Tree You learn quickly how to blend in with your environment.
Fringer Talent Tree You're especially skilled at "Getting by" on backwater worlds.
Survivor Talent Tree As an explorer of dangerous places, you are trained to react to danger swiftly and adroitly, as well as navigate difficult terrain and reduce damage.
Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
Hyperspace Explorer Talent Tree You are an experienced deep-space explorer who has learned a few tricks along the way that help you survive both in space and planet-side.
Force Unleashed Campaign Guide
Spy Talent Tree Scouts are often capable of getting into areas unseen, and they make excellent spies thanks to their survival instincts and aptitude for stealth.
Clone Wars Campaign Guide
Reconnaissance Talent Tree You have learned to work well in concert with a team to provide the best reconnaissance and cover as much ground as possible.
Surveillance Talent Tree You have mastered the art of surveillance, transforming the information you gather with scouting into a distinct advantage on the battlefield.
Legacy Era Campaign Guide
Versatility Talent Tree You are known for your ability to adapt to any situation, heedless of adversity.
Rebellion Era Campaign Guide
Unpredictable Talent Tree You make it difficult for enemies to harm you because you're never in the place where they expect you to be. When they do manage to hurt you, you make them pay for it with sudden retribution attacks.
Galaxy at War
Advance Patrol Talent Tree Your skills at observation and stealth are frequently called upon as you gather information about enemy forces.
Galaxy of Intrigue
Espionage Talent Tree You use your knowledge of stealth and survival to make yourself a master of espionage and a valuable resource for those who wish to keep their hands clean in dirty situations.
Unknown Regions
Master Scout Talent Tree You are more experienced and talented than the average Scout. You draw upon your diverse abilities to gain advantages others cannot match.
Mobile Scout Talent Tree Always mobile, Scouts have developed ways to ride and drive over all types of terrain.
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