Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy at War

This rare Weapon is found only in the hands of wealthy armies or extremely successful mercenary groups. Utilizing the same technology as Starship-sized Tractor Beams, the Tactical Tractor Beam allows fast construction of defensive positions by lifting and moving artificial and natural barriers. Because of the massive power requirements and temperamental nature of the Weapon, a Tactical Tractor Beam should be mounted on a large Droid or Vehicle in order to wield the Weapon efficiently in combat. A Tactical Tractor Beam can also be fired from a Tripod. When mounted on a Tripod, it is treated as one size smaller for purposes of being wielded- allowing a Medium character to operate it with two hands. The Tactical Tractor Beam requires a Power Generator to operate.

The Tactical Tractor Beam functions like a Tractor Beam on a Starship, but it can affect only Huge or smaller targets. If a Tactical Tractor Beam has successfully Grabbed an object, it can move the object up to 10 squares in any direction rather than being limited to bringing the object closer. Additionally, a Tactical Tractor Beam operator can hurl a Grabbed object at another target within 10 squares, making a ranged attack roll with the Weapon against the new target. If the attack rolls equals or exceeds the target's Reflex Defense, the target takes damage based on the size of the object hurled (See Falling Objects).

Normally, the Tactical Tractor Beam requires a second crewman to regulate the Weapon's Power Generator. The second crewman must spend a Standard Action while adjacent to the Weapon to regulate its power. After you regulate the Tactical Tractor Beam's power, it functions normally until the beginning of your next turn. If the Weapon's power is not regulated- that is, if a second crewman has not done so since the same Initiative count on the previous round- apply a -2 penalty to all attack rolls made with the Weapon.

Weapon Type: Heavy Weapons

Size: Huge

Cost: 8000

Damage: Special (See above)

Stun Setting: NO

Rate of Fire: Single-Shot

Weight: 25 Kilograms

Type: Energy

Availability: Military

Special: A Tactical Tractor Beam mounted on a Tripod is treated as a Large weapon, rather than Huge.

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