Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Starships of the Galaxy

See also: Focused Fire

A number of Capital Ships have a Tactical Fire option, an alternative ability that allows them to function more like commanders than like individual ships. Each Tactical Fire option produces an "Aura" around the ship that affects the battlefield, replacing all of the Capital Ship's normal attacks in a given round. When engaged in combat against other Capital Ships, a Capital Ship is better off using it's normal attacks because they have the greatest chance of dealing the most damage.

The Tactical Fire option is provided as a means of using Capital-scale ships in space combat scenarios without making them another enemy that the heroes need to defeat. In essence, using the Tactical Fire option transforms a Capital Ship from an opponent into an obstacle or complication. This should allow you to include Capital Ships in a combat scenario, adding an interesting element to the fight without the danger of blowing the heroes out of the sky with a lucky shot.

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