Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Threats of the Galaxy

Affiliations: The Fringe

Swoop Gang Members are drawn from the idle youth of a local community, Many Swoop Gang Members have little interest in being responsible members of society and are common criminals, terrorizing locals and stealing what they need to get by. A swoop gang to these disaffected young people is like a large family, with bonds as close as those between siblings. Most Swoop Gang Members ride used and dangerous swoop bikes painted in a variety of colors and patterns, usually working in their gang's blazon somewhere on their bikes. Many wear distinctive clothing, marking their membership in a particular group. Tattoos are also quite common. 

Swoop Gang Member Encounters Edit

Swoop Gang Members prefer safety in numbers and don't stick around to fight by themselves. Swoop gangs stake out their territory and spend much of their time making their rounds and causing trouble. Most times, it's enough for them to be seen, and they go on their way, but many swoop gangs engage in criminal acts including theft and vandalism. 

When not beating up people or destroying property, Swoop Gang Members haunt their local hangout. Most communities that are home to swoop gangs have swoop bars that specifically cater to those who like the fast life. Here, gang members rub shoulders with their rivals, socialize with their friends, and swap lies. Fights are common, especially late in the evenings, but most times these are little more than scraps. 

 Swoop Gang Member Statistics (CL 2) Edit

Medium Nonheroic 4/Scoundrel 1

Force Points: 2

Initiative: +8; Senses: Perception +1

Languages: Basic

Defenses Edit

Reflex Defense: 14 (Flat-Footed: 13), Fortitude Defense: 11, Will Defense: 11

Hit Points: 15, Damage Threshold: 11

Offense Edit

Speed: 6 Squares; Skirmisher

Melee: Vibrodagger +3 (2d4)

Ranged: Blaster Pistol +4 (3d6)

Base Attack Bonus: +3, Grapple: +4

Attack Options: Point-Blank Shot

Base Stats Edit

Abilities: Strength 11, Dexterity 13, Constitution 10, Intelligence 10, Wisdom 9, Charisma 10

Talents: Skirmisher

Feats: Point-Blank Shot, Skill Focus (Pilot), Skill Training (Initiative), Weapon Proficiency (Advanced Melee Weapons), Weapon Proficiency (Pistols), Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons)

Skills: Initiative +8 Pilot +13

Possessions: Blaster Pistol, Vibrodagger, Nebulon-Q Swoop Racer (Used)

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