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Sometimes you'd rather knock an opponent Unconscious than kill them. That's why many weapons have Stun settings and why Stun Batons and Stun Grenades are popular with law enforcement agencies throughout the galaxy.

Various Melee Weapons and Blasters have a Stun setting, and switching a weapon to it's Stun setting (Or resetting it to normal Damage) is a Swift Action. Some Stun weapons, such as Stun Grenades, only have a Stun setting. Unless otherwise noted, the Stun setting on a blaster weapon has a maximum range of 6 squares (No Range penalties).

Only creatures can be Stunned. Droids, Vehicles, and objects are immune to Stunning effects.

When you make a successful Attack with a weapon that deals Stun Damage, subtract half of the Stun Damage from the target's Hit Points. Additional effects may occur as well, depending on the amount of Damage dealt:

  • If the Stun Damage reduces the target's current Hit Points to 0, the target moves -5 steps on the Condition Track and is knocked Unconscious.
  • If the Stun Damage (Before being halved) equals or exceeds the target's Damage Threshold, the target moves -2 steps on the Condition Track.

A creature knocked Unconscious by a Stunning effect does not die if it rolls a natural 1 on it's Constitution check to regain Consciousnesses or if it fails the check by 5 or more points. It simply remains Unconscious.

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