Worn by the elite soldiers of The Galactic Empire, Stormtrooper Armor comes in a variety of models based around a standard white-and black shell. Filled with electronics that assist and augment the Stormtrooper in their duties, it includes rudimentary environmental protection, three-phase sonic filtering, and visual amplification.

Variants of this armor also exist, including Snowtrooper Armor, Sandtrooper Armor, and Clone Trooper Armor. Each has slightly different details, but all include the basic characteristics common to all Stormtrooper Armor. Though unavailable on the open market, these suits can occasionally be found on the black market (sometimes for much higher prices).

Stormtrooper Armor (Including all variants) grants a wearer who has the Armor Proficiency (Light) feat a +2 Equipment bonus on Perception checks, as well as Low-Light Vision. Stormtrooper Armor also includes an integrated Comlink in the helmet, allowing hands-free communication.

Wearing Snowtrooper Armor (18000 credits) makes you immune to the effects of Extreme Cold.

Wearing Sandtrooper Armor (18000 credits) makes you immune to the effects of Extreme Heat.

Type: Light Armor

Cost: 8000

Bonus to Reflex Defense: +6

Bonus to Fortitude Defense: +2

Maximum Dexterity Bonus: +3

Weight: 10 Kilograms

Availability: Military, Rare

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