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The Starship Maneuvers system provides new options for any character acting as a Pilot or Gunner during a Starship Scale encounter. Similar to the system for using Force Powers, the Starship Maneuvers system allows characters to perform incredible stunts or make use of advanced tactics in order to gain the upper hand in Starship Scale combat. Except for Starship Maneuvers used by Gunners, only Pilots of Starfighters and Airspeeders may make use of the mechanics in this section- Capital Ships and Space Transports are too large and cumbersome. (However, the Combat Thrusters Starship Modification may be used on Space Transports to circumvent this restriction).

A Starship Maneuver is a special action that allows a Pilot or Gunner to do something beyond the bounds of the Pilot skill and the abilities provided by the Ace Pilot Prestige Class. Starship Maneuvers enhance attacks, strengthen defenses, reduce damage, or produce other unique effects.

Starship Maneuvers in Your Game Edit

Adding the Starship Maneuvers system to your game can greatly change it, so Gamemasters should feel free to allow or disallow this system as fits their campaign. Taking the Starship Tactics Feat consumes a valuable Feat slot, so players should likely do so only if the campaign features a good amount of space or Airspeeder combat. A good rule of thumb is that if the player won't have a chance to use any of these Starship Maneuvers at least once per adventure, the Gamemaster should seriously consider whether to allow the Starship Maneuvers system in the game.

Learning Starship Maneuvers Edit

A character who takes the Starship Tactics Feat automatically learns a number of Starship Maneuvers equal to 1 + their Wisdom modifier (Minimum of 1). A character can learn additional Starship Maneuvers by taking the Starship Tactics Feat again or by increasing their Wisdom modifier.

For example, Syal Antilles is a 5th-level Soldier with a Wisdom score of 13 (+1 modifier). When she advances to 6th level, she takes the Starship Tactics Feat and immediately gains two Starship Maneuvers. She chooses Attack Pattern Delta and Corellian Slip. At 8th level, Syal raises her Wisdom score from 13 to 14, thereby increasing her ability modifier from +1 to +2; at that time, she gains an additional Starship Maneuver (Since she has taken the Starship Tactics Feat once); she chooses Target Lock. At 9th level, Syal selects the Starship Tactics Feat again, granting her three new Starship Maneuvers. She chooses Tallon Roll, Angle Deflector Shields, and a second use of Corellian Slip.

Using Starship Maneuvers Edit

When your character uses a Starship Maneuver, make a Pilot check. The check result determines the Starship Maneuver's result.

Most Starship Maneuvers have varying degrees of success, but some (Including all Starship Maneuvers with the [Attack Pattern] descriptor) have an all-or-nothing effect. For those with multitiered effects, your check result determines the maximum effect you can achieve, though you can also choose a lesser effect. If your check result is too low to activate the Starship Maneuver's most basic effect, nothing happens, the Starship Maneuver is spent, and the Action is wasted.

Your Starship Maneuver Suite Edit

Your character's Starship Maneuvers collectively form a suite. When your character uses a Starship Maneuver, that Starship Maneuver is spent and is no longer available for use by your character until it is recovered. You may have multiple uses of the same Starship Maneuver in your Starship Maneuver Suite.

Regaining Starship Maneuvers Edit

You have different ways to regain spent Starship Maneuvers, making them available for use once more.

  • When a Starship Combat sequence is over and you have a chance to rest for 1 minute, you regain all Starship Maneuvers.
  • If you roll a Natural 20 on a Pilot check made to activate a Starship Maneuver (But not for any other uses of the Pilot skill), you regain all spent Starship Maneuvers at the end of your turn.
  • You can spend a Force Point as a Reaction and immediately regain one spent Starship Maneuver.
  • Some unique abilities allow you to regain spent Starship Maneuvers in other ways.

Starship Maneuver Descriptors Edit

Some Starship Maneuvers fall into special categories that affect how they are used and who can use them. The following descriptors are applied to any relevant Starship Maneuvers mentioned in this section:

Attack Pattern Edit

Starship Maneuvers that have the [Attack Pattern] descriptor represent formations and flying patterns that form an overall Starship Combat strategy. An Attack Pattern Starship Maneuver differs from other maneuvers in that, once activated, its effects last until the end of the encounter. Additionally, you may gain the benefit from only one Attack Pattern Starship Maneuver at a time, and if you activate an Attack Pattern Starship Maneuver while already gaining the benefits of another, the second Starship Maneuver replaces the effects of the first.

Dogfight Edit

Starship Maneuvers that have the [Dogfight] descriptor represent tactics and actions that apply only in close combat situations. A Dogfight Starship Maneuver may only be activated while your ship is engaged in a Dogfight with another Starship or group of Starships.

Force Edit

A Starship Maneuver that has the [Force] descriptor is one that relies on the user's connection to The Force for it's benefit. Only characters who are Trained in the Use the Force skill may make use of Force Starship Maneuvers, and activating a Force Starship Maneuver is considered using The Force.

Gunner Edit

A Starship Maneuver that has the [Gunner] descriptor does not require you to be the Pilot of the ship in order to activate. Any Gunner Starship Maneuvers may be activated by either the Pilot or Copilot (Using Pilot or Copilot-controlled Weapon Systems) or by a character serving as a Gunner aboard a Starship or Airspeeder.

Starship Maneuvers Edit

The following Starship Maneuvers are available to any character who has the Starship Tactics Feat.

Ackbar Slash N/A Reaction A starship tactic made famous by the Mon Calamari Admiral Ackbar, the Ackbar Slash involves a ship moving into the midst of enemy forces in order to cause an opponent to strike its own allies.
Afterburn N/A Full-Round Action This maneuver allows a Pilot to throttle up and blast past enemies, to avoid becoming entangled in Dogfights.
Angle Deflector Shields Attack Pattern Swift Action This Attack Pattern focuses deflector shields in a particular direction, making it easier to absorb incoming attacks from a certain angle.
Attack Formation Zeta Nine Attack Pattern Swift Action This Attack Pattern is typically used to approach Capital Ships or other vessels that have heavy firepower. It emphasizes the role of shields over firepower.
Attack Pattern Delta Attack Pattern Swift Action This Attack Pattern utilizes close-range maneuvering by allied ships to make it more difficult to target and hit an individual vessel. The Attack Pattern typically requires the vessels to fly in a straight line toward their target, shielding the ships to the rear.
Corellian Slip N/A Full-Round Action A teamwork-focused Starfighter tactic, the Corellian Slip maneuver allows a Pilot to destroy an opposing Starship that threatens one of his or her allies by flying at the enemy vessel head-on.
Counter Dogfight Reaction This maneuver allows a Pilot to take a quick action while engaged in a Dogfight after being the target of an attack.
Darklighter Spin N/A Standard Action Originally an improvised combat maneuver, the Darklighter Spin maneuver allows you to attack multiple targets with your Starship's weapons.
Devastating Hit Gunner Standard Action This maneuver lets you score an incredibly precise hit on the target, punching holes in vital systems and potentially disabling your target.
Engine Hit Gunner Reaction This maneuver allows you to target an opponent's engines, slowing them down with a successful hit.
Evasive Action Dogfight Move Action This maneuver allows a Starship to slip free of close pursuit, escaping from a Dogfight more easily.
Explosive Shot Gunner Reaction You target critical ship systems and fuel cells, causing your target to explode with incredible force.
Howlrunner Formation Attack Pattern Swift Action This Attack Pattern divides an attacking force into two or more groups, making it easier to attack an enemy's flanks.
I Have You Now N/A Swift Action This maneuver allows a ship to close in on it's target, striking from short range with devastating effect.
Intercept N/A Reaction This maneuver allows a ship to fire thrusters and intercept a passing target, engaging in a Dogfight.
Overwhelming Assault Attack Pattern Swift Action Starships that use an Overwhelming Assault Attack Pattern concentrate their fire on a single target to the exclusion of all others.
Segnor's Loop N/A Reaction This maneuver allows a Pilot to accelerate quickly away from an opponent before returning to make an attack.
Shield Hit Gunner Standard Action This maneuver allows you to target an opponent's shield generators, reducing their effectiveness with a successful hit.
Skim the Surface N/A Full-Round Action This maneuver allows a Starship to get down beneath a larger ship's shields, dealing damage that bypasses shields and directly impacts on the hull.
Skywalker Loop Dogfight Reaction This maneuver allows a Pilot to loop a Vehicle through the same location it just left, launching a surprise attack on an unsuspecting opponent.
Snap Roll N/A Reaction This maneuver lets a Pilot peel his or her Vehicle away from its current location with incredible speed, causing attackers to fire at where it was just moments ago.
Strike Formation Attack Pattern Swift Action Pilots who use a Strike Formation Attack Pattern devote themselves to overwhelming an enemy with damage rather than concerning themselves with their own defense.
Tallon Roll Dogfight Reaction This maneuver allows a pursuing Starfighter to stay with a maneuvering opponent even when it's target is attempting to escape.
Target Lock Dogfight Standard Action This maneuver allows a Pilot to focus on single target, lining up a shot with careful precision.
Target Sense Force Swift Action This maneuver allows a Force-sensitive Pilot to target opponents without the use of a Vehicle's targeting computer.
Thruster Hit Gunner Reaction This maneuver allows you to target an opponent's maneuvering thrusters, reducing the maneuverability they provide to a ship.
Wotan Weave N/A Swift Action This maneuver allows the ship to fly in a corkscrew, moving forward as normal but making the ship difficult to hit.

Homebrew Starship Maneuvers Edit

The following Homebrew Starship Maneuvers contain Homebrew Maneuvers compatible with Saga Edition. They may be used only with the Gamemaster's express permission.

New Jedi Order Campaign Guide
Missile Defense Force Reaction Your Force-enhanced reflexes allow you to shoot down incoming missiles with ease.
Shadow Bomb Force, Telekinetic Standard Action Guided by The Force, this torpedo is all but undetectable to Yuuzhan Vong ships, and thus they are unable to defend against the torpedo’s attack.
Shield Group Attack Pattern Swift Action You have trained very hard to maximise the defensive potential of fighting as a group by overlapping your deflector shields.
Shield Trio Attack Pattern Full-Round Action Shield Trios are formations of close-flying fighters, maneuvering a rotating pattern that spreads damage from incoming fire among all fighters.
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