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Nine hundred meters of twisted, battle-torn Star Destroyer stand between imprisoned Rebel heroes and freedom in this disaster-filled Star Wars adventure.

Captured by Imperials, a small group of Rebel heroes find themselves trapped within the detention block of a Victory I-Class Star Destroyer. Suddenly explosions rock the giant battleship as the Imperial vessel is attacked by an Alliance fleet. When the smoke clears, the Rebel objective is obvious- escape by any means possible!

But the attack has left the Star Destroyer a battered wreck, its crew scattered and its power fading. What dangers await the Rebels deep within the smouldering ruins of this once-great vessel? What Imperial devices remain to prevent their exit? Only those with courage and conviction will attempt to find out. Only those with strength and luck can hope to survive.


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This is a story of triumph and tragedy, of heroes and villains, of courage in the face of overwhelming odds. This is another adventure in the galaxy of Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. If you want to be a player in Starfall, read no further. The information in this book is for the Gamemaster only. Players who read on will ruin the adventure for everyone involved.

Gamemaster's Guide to VSD Subjugator

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