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There are places in the galaxy full of danger and mystery, places where the light from the Core Worlds simply does not shine. These are the planets of the Unknown Regions, a sector of unexplored space far beyond the Outer Rim. In this vast expanse, rich worlds wait to be discovered and alien landscapes wait to be explored. However, the Unknown Regions are far from uninhabited. Many frightening creatures prowl the expanse, and alien species bent on conquest and plunder lurk at the fringes of known space. The galaxy needs heroes who will risk everything to explore these new worlds and stop these threats from advancing.


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Beyond known civilized space lie the vast, mysterious Unknown Regions. These officially unexplored area lie beyond the galaxy’s core, beyond The Outer Rim Territories, and beyond the galactic disk. The term also applies to a massive area of space within the western galactic disk, isolated by dangerous and complex Hyperspace hazards. Cut off by the lack of known Hyperspace lanes and the dangers of mapping new routes, The Unknown Regions remain largely unexplored throughout all era of galactic history.

A Star Wars Roleplaying Game campaign in The Unknown Regions allows players to venture into distant, mysterious, and unpredictable realms where the normal balance of galactic power is vastly diminished or nonexistent. It provides a place for Gamemasters to create their own worlds and stories without having to account for established continuity and storylines. Traveling into these reaches requires exploration, making the journey as much a part of the story as he destination.

Although The Unknown Regions are the least defined areas in the Star Wars galaxy, they are not without recognizable characters, threats, and Species. Depending on the location and the era, heroes might interact with The Chiss Ascendancy, The Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium, the insectoid Killiks, or the remnants of the ancient Infinite Empire of the Rakata. Heroes might even battle the Imperial Forces of Grand Admiral Thrawn as he attempts to establish the Empire of the Hand.

The Unknown Regions provide a safe haven for the survivors of long forgotten civilizations and belief systems. Ancient Sith use the area to hide, recover, and rebuild their forces for their ongoing battles with The Old Republic and The Jedi. Mandalorians and mysterious Force-users also make the region their own, whether permanently or temporarily. Any of these groups might hold information, material goods, or knowledge that heroes could find valuable enough to justify the dangers of unreliable Hyperspace routes and of operating without immediate aid or material support.

Character Options

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Explorer's Equipment

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An explorer is only as good as his or her Equipment. Although the best explorers can get by with the bare necessities of a breather and a blaster, only the reckless and the foolhardy venture out into the unknown expanses of the galaxy without the Equipment necessary to ensure both success and survival. Any veteran scout can tell you that when you're a million light-years away from civilization, your wits and your gear make the difference between accomplishing your mission and death. Explorers prize durability and functionality over aesthetics, because their lives require equipment that works over equipment that looks good. Despite what the holos show, an explorer's life isn't glamorous.

Anyone can recognize the need for a reliable weapon when venturing into unknown and potentially hostile territory, but those who take up the scouting life often need far more, because there are as many potential hazards waiting for the unwary as there are stars in the galaxy. An explorer soon learns how to determine the right tool for the environment he or she is heading into. An Aquata Breather is of little use on a world that has no moisture and a toxic atmosphere. And while a bulky Space Suit is a lifesaver in the cold darkness of space, it can be a liability on a world that has thick vegetation. Those whose explorations consist mainly of scouting enemy encampments know that being detected by the people you are spying on frequently leads to a bad end. Every explorer comes to rely on a core set of Equipment, including Weapons, Armor, and Vehicles.

Although a good explorer can find a use for almost any piece of Equipment, some pieces have become mainstays in the explorer's arsenal, varying little even when the political landscape changes drastically. Some Equipment can prove just as useful in civilized space as it can on some unknown chunk of dirt.

Exploration Campaigns

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Every Star Wars film begins with the same words, which remind us that a galaxy full of adventure waits for us. Untold worlds exist beyond the many already known by name. Exotic creatures wait after the next hyperspace jump to aid or confound fife heroes. Every roleplaying session with your friends is an opportunity to explore new worlds together and create classic adventure stories. The galaxy is a big place. Every world is an adventure waiting to happen.

One of the great appeals of Star Wars is the exotic locations where stories can take place. Every planet seems familiar, yet has a unique element that makes it memorable. From the giant forests of Endor to the endless deserts of Tatooine, the worlds of the galaxy reinforce the familiar yet fantastic tone.

No matter the era of Star Wars, the galaxy offers thousands of unexplored worlds. Explorers continually push beyond the frontier and expand the fringe. Some operate as part of a governmental body, looking for worlds to colonize and conquer. Some operate as employees of galaxy-spanning companies that seek new worlds to exploit for profit. And others operate on their own in small, battered ships, trying to carve out a home in the spiraling void.

This chapter includes suggestions on how to make worlds that will resonate in your stories. It has resources and advice for building new worlds, as well as a planet generator to help when time or inspiration is lacking. It also suggests different ways to bring the theme of exploration to the forefront of your Star Wars campaign. And, because attitudes about exploration differ throughout the eras, summaries of those attitudes are included here. This chapter introduces two campaign outlines that have exploration as their central theme. Each of these campaigns offers suggestions on how to customize the campaign to best fit your play style. Also check out the tips and guidelines on how to include exploration as a theme in an ongoing campaign.

Creating New Worlds

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Encountering new worlds is central to Unknown Regions adventures. New worlds should be only as detailed as the adventure goals require. Some planets might require superficial descriptions, but others might need significant details for an extended stay or adventure. This section includes two methods of world creation: building a planet from scratch (Mainly for detailed worlds), or using the Planet Generator to create simpler worlds quickly or on the fly.

Creating New Beasts

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The galaxy teems with life, and most sentient beings encounter only a tiny fraction of the creatures of their own homeworld, let alone the galaxy at large. Heroes traveling The Unknown Regions should regularly discover, fight, and otherwise interact with creatures they have never seen before.

In this section, you'll find a step-by-step guide through the Beast Creation process. If you need a simple Beast quickly, use the Creature Generator that follows this section. These tables focus on creating Beasts, rather than Mounts. See Explorer's Equipment for a selection of Mounts that the heroes can use. If you want to create a new Mount, consider modifying one of the existing Mounts with information from this section.

Creating New Hazards

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The galaxy is full of obstacles waiting to trip up heroes as they strive to fulfill their destinies. Every planet has its own perils- whether menacing plant life, an unsafe atmosphere, or something worse- and any explorer can confirm that the greatest danger when traveling to a new world is encountering some new Hazard not yet known to the galaxy at large. Stormtroopers and Sith Lords are obvious threats to the safety of just about everyone, but it is often the unseen and unexpected Hazards that bring heroes down.

Hazards, first introduced in the Saga Edition Core Rulebook, appear throughout Star Wars films, novels, comics, and other sources. Until now, Hazards have been basic rules elements used to address a variety of situations that might come up during a game. This chapter's goal is to make Hazards more appealing as a regular part of adventure and encounter design. When the heroes visit strange worlds in The Unknown Regions, they should feel as if every step could lead them into dangerous territory. By using Hazards more frequently, you can emphasize the fact that the heroes are far from home in a place where many of the galaxy's niceties simply are not present. 

This chapter introduces a new format for Hazards, along with rules for designing your own Hazards and suggestions for using them in your adventures. Additionally, the chapter provides many sample Hazards that are ready to be used in a game; these examples also will help guide you in creating your own Hazards. The samples are grouped by environment, so you can choose Hazards appropriate to the setting and level of your adventure and drop them in as needed.

Designing New Hazards

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Designing Hazards is much like designing new terrain or other challenges that can spice up an encounter or an adventure. Unlike the process for designing an enemy character, Beast, Droid, or Vehicle, the process for designing a new Hazard is somewhat simpler, and it helps you cater directly to the needs of your particular adventure by creating elements that add diversity to encounters. You can follow a series of basic steps to design a Hazard that challenges your players and makes sense in the context of the adventure.

Sample Hazards

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The remainder of this chapter presents sample Hazards that should give you enough examples and guidelines to help you design your own Hazards. The section below starts with Hazards from Hazards article, which have been reformatted using the rules in this chapter, then it explores new Hazards based on environment. Some of the Hazards from the Core Rulebook do not exactly conform to the suggested Hazard attack and damage numbers, but have been reproduced in the new format for ease of use.


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Planets of every type and description exist throughout the galaxy, and the worlds of The Unknown Regions are inherently mysterious to explorers and adventurers. These planets are untamed, and all hold their own secrets. Some provide environmental challenges, pitting heroes against natural hazards and hostile creatures. Others are home to previously unknown civilizations that have their own internal struggles and conflicts.

This chapter includes eight new worlds created specifically for use in a Saga Edition campaign. For the heroes, these planets are truly fresh locales, and the only way to learn about these worlds is to explore them- players will not find them in any movies, novels, or comics. Although the planets are new, each embodies the distinctive feel of Star Wars. These planets are meant to serve as new places the heroes can explore during their first trips into The Unknown Regions.

Deep Space Encounters

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