From Astromechs to Battle Droids, the Scavenger's Guide to Droids features everything you need to bring the robotic inhabitants of the Star Wars saga to life in your own campaign. Featuring an in-depth look at Droids from the perspective of a variety of Droid experts, this book provides a wide array of new options for droid heroes as well as allies and antagonists.


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The relative peace is shattered by a small Astromech Droid waking from its sleep cycle, its lights penetrating the darkness. It looks around to get its bearings. Surrounding the Astromech are other Droids as far as its electronic eye can see. Realizing that it needs to escape, the Droid kicks out its central leg and rolls through the room. The vibrations coming through the floor tell it that the structure it is in is moving, and it surmises that it is held in some giant vehicle. As the Astromech rolls along, it catches sight of other run-down Droids sitting amid the spare parts and junk scattered about the immense room: Protocol Droids, Repair Droids, Power Droids, other Astromech Droids, and some it has never seen before. As it begins to give up hope, the small Droid catches sight of a familiar Protocol Droid with a golden sheen. The Astromech excitedly rolls up, and the Protocol Droid recognizes its friend and exclaims with glee at finding a friendly chassis in their uncertain situation.

Does this scene sound familiar? The time spent by R2-D2 and C-3PO aboard the Sandcrawler on Tatooine reminds us that Droids are an integral part of the Star Wars universe. How much different would the saga be if the Clone Wars were fought between the Republic's clone army and bands of organic beings instead of against the Trade Federation's Battle Droids? Where would the story go if R2-D2 were an organic copilot in Luke Skywalker's Starfighter as he made his attack run on the Death Star?

The idea behind Scavenger's Guide to Droids is to provide players and Gamemasters the tools and information they need to generate Droid heroes, enemies, and noncombatants and to insert them into Star Wars Roleplaying Game campaigns. This section holds new options for Droids to become more than mere machines and to develop into full-fledged characters that work alongside or against organic heroes. Droids can be more than just equipment. They can be individuals.

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