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''Main Article: [[RECG Fringe Factions|Fringe Factions]]''
''Main Article: [[RECG Fringe Factions|Fringe Factions]]''
''Affiliation Page: [[The Fringe]]''
''Affiliation Page: [[The Fringe]]''__NOTOC__
During [[The Dark Times]], the galactic fringe became a haven for anyone escaping the Empire. Politicians, military personnel, and civic-minded activists are forced to retreat into the underworld of criminal organizations and lawless galactic backwaters. Some maintain their ideals, while others succumb to the reality of their grim situation and focus on day-to-day survival.
As the Rebellion spreads, it finds in this fringe sympathetic individuals in unique positions of power, and the Rebellion makes surprising connections in unusual locales. The Rebels also encounter the most notorious criminal organizations and crime lords of the galaxy. Clashes are inevitable when ideology meets criminality. However, the Rebels hire or otherwise make use of smugglers and fringe criminals to secure arms, goods, transport, and Starships.
This chapter offers an array of organizations and individuals who might be enemies or allies of the heroes, depending on the situation. It is possible that these people might change from allies to villains (Or vice versa) as the campaign evolves. Rebel heroes might balk at dealing with Jabba the Hutt to obtain ordnance and material, but heroes who are independent ship owners or smugglers might jump at the opportunity to make credits as regular haulers for Jabba. Most fringe alliances are based on convenience or financial incentive rather than loyalty to any individual cause.__NOTOC__
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