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''Affiliation Page: [[The Galactic Empire]]''
''Affiliation Page: [[The Galactic Empire]]''
The Empire prides itself on being a bastion of civilization and order in the galaxy. Most of its citizens believe that, aside from a few troublemakers, conflict is a thing of the past and that the galaxy's worlds and systems work together for the greater good.
But the Empire is far more sinister than it would have its citizens know. Having carefully undermined the Republic, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine represents himself as the only hope for peace and order. After formally dissolving the remnants of [[The Galactic Republic]] and reorganizing it as a Galactic Empire, Palpatine puts into motion a plan to systematically subjugate those worlds and systems that resist his rule. The Imperial Intelligence Bureau obscures these activities. The average citizen has no idea of the true nature of the Empire.
The Emperor's success stems from the brutal efficiency of the Imperial war machine: a vast army of troops, Stormtroopers, and Starships. Resistance is quickly crushed; the price of capitulation is enslavement. Once a world falls, the Empire uses its resources to fuel the Imperial military's next campaign. Opportunistic politicians have flocked to support Emperor Palpatine's New Order. Those who display the most loyalty garner both wealth and political power.
Similarly, those who are able to tap into and wield [[The Force]] find a place in the Empire- at the feet of the Emperor or his apprentice, Darth Vader. Where Jedi Knights once flourished are now would-be-Sith. Although they are less common than they were during [[The Dark Times]], devotees of [[The Dark Side]] are far more dangerous than before, since they now command the power of the Imperial military as well as the power of [[The Force]].
== Fringe Factions ==
== Fringe Factions ==

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