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== Vehicles and Starships ==
== Vehicles and Starships ==
''Main Article: [[RECG Vehicles and Starships|Vehicles and Starships]]''
''Main Article: [[RECG Vehicles and Starships|Vehicles and Starships]]''
The Empire manages to control the galaxy in large part by controlling the supply of military vessels. The constructions of capital-class ships outside of Empire-approved shipyards declined massively in the years leading up to the Battle of [[Yavin]], and only a limited number of independent shipyards retain the capacity to build such craft. As the Alliance grows and strengthens, it focuses more attention on maintaining and expanding its fleet, but throughout [[The Rebellion Era]], its large warships remain too precious to risk on anything other than major strategic targets.
As a result, the construction of smaller ships increases, as shipyards try to maintain profits and independent groups seek whatever vessels they can purchase. One advantage of smaller ships it that they are likely to be overlooked by Imperial forces that view [[Capital Ships]] as major threats. In addition, although the Empire has outlawed the ownership of armed freighters or [[Starfighters]] in many [[Core Worlds]], enforcement of this rule has a lower priority than locating Rebel bases or protecting Imperial interests. Even the Empire accepts that law-abiding citizens who live far from civilization might require armed vessels to protect themselves and their cargo; on fringe worlds, anything short of a frigate is unlikely to draw much attention.
The [[Vehicles]] and [[Starships]] presented in this chapter, many of which were designed and built prior to the end of the Clone Wars, represent the types of vessels available to private citizens during the Galactic Civil War. The Rebellion and major organizations (Such as [[The Zann Consortium]]) sometimes develop unique vehicle designs to suit their needs, but most groups outside the Empire must make do with whatever generic vessels are available.
The [[Vehicles]] and [[Starships]] in this chapter are in the hands of pirates, smugglers, planetary defense forces, large cartels or corporations, and small organizations preparing to fight against the growing tyranny of the New Order. Other chapters in this book present [[Vehicles]] and [[Starships]] that are used primarily by [[The Rebel Alliance]] ([[RECG The Rebel Alliance|The Rebel Alliance]]), [[The Galactic Empire]] ([[RECG The Empire|The Empire]]), and [[The Fringe]] ([[RECG Fringe Factions|Fringe Factions]]).
== Rebellion Era Campaigns ==
== Rebellion Era Campaigns ==
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