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The Star Destroyer is an iconic ship from Star Wars lore that symbolizes the might and power of the Empire. At the same time, Star Destroyers are incredibly powerful vessels that can put out the kind of firepower that can decimate a Space Transport in an instant. Using Star Destroyers in the roleplaying game can be problematic, since although they are easily recognizable (And thus help instill a Star Wars feel to the game), they can be inappropriately powerful for most encounters.

The Star Destroyer can be used in two ways. As an individual ship engaging in an encounter, a Star Destroyer can be a high-level challenge that the heroes intend to disable or destroy. These kinds of challenges are high on the CL scale and are appropriate only for equally high-level heroes. However, including a Star Destroyer as a set piece, something that is a part of the encounter but not a target to be destroyed, can be a rewarding way to simulate the action of the movies. For the latter situation, a Star Destroyer should almost always use the Tactical Fire option, leaving the actual combat to the ship's complement of TIE Fighters. This approach allows the Gamemaster to include the ship in an encounter without introducing the potential to wipe out the heroes with one lucky shot. The Star Destroyer then effectively becomes a "Terrain Hazard" rather than an opponent, and XP should not be awarded for the Star Destroyer unless the ship is destroyed.

The Star Destroyer Designation Edit

Though the term "Star Destroyer" is typically used only to describe the dagger-shaped Capital Ships used by the Empire, the designation is general enough that it can be applied to many other heavily armed Capital Ships. However, during the reign of the Empire, the term "Star Destroyer" comes to be colloquially associated with the Imperial-Class Star Destroyers. As such, most references to a Star Destroyer are actually to the Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer and Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer. Some larger ships, such as the Super Star Destroyer and the Eclipse-Class Super Star Destroyer, are often referred to as Star Destroyers, though this is not an official designation and more of a generic descriptor.

Star Destroyer Variants Edit

During the height of the Empire, Star Destroyers were deployed in every sector, and some planets even have their own Star Destroyers assigned to them. The Imperial fortress world of The Deep Core often had multiple Star Destroyers assigned to the planet, and important planets such as Coruscant might have as many as a dozen Star Destroyers, if not more, in orbit at any given time. Unlike the Old Republic, the Empire built enough ships to extend its reach all the way to The Outer Rim, and multiple Star Destroyers patrolled the space lanes on a regular basis.

Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer CL 16
FUCG Gladiator Class
Interdictor-Class Star Destroyer CL 17
Interdictor-Class Heavy Cruiser
Victory II-Class Star Destroyer CL 18
Victory II-Class Star Destroyer-0
Victory I-Class Star Destroyer CL 19
Victory I-Class Star Destroyer
Venator-Class Star Destroyer CL 19
Venator-Class Star Destroyer
Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer CL 20
Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer
Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer CL 20
Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer
Nebula-Class Star Destroyer CL 26
Nebula-Class Star Destroyer
Pellaeon-Class Star Destroyer CL 28
Pellaeon-Class Star Destroyer
Imperious-Class Star Destroyer CL 29
Imperious-Class Star Destroyer
The Lusankya CL 36
The Lusankya
Super Star Destroyer CL 40
Super Star Destroyer
Eclipse-Class Super Star Destroyer CL 50
Eclipse-Class Super Star Destroyer-converted
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