Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy at War

See also: GaW Bases and Battlestations

Aboard a Battlestation, a Standard Door (50 Hit Points; DR 10; Damage Threshold 30; Strength DC 50/Break DC 35) is composed of solid metal with only a few working parts. Each door is opened by a simple mechanism that slides the door horizontally or vertically, retracting into an alcove that holds the door in place until it closes again. Due to the force and speed with which doors close, any being in the path of a closing door is targeted by a Battlestation Hazard attack (See Battlestation Challenge Level); if the being is hit, he or she is caught and crushed by the door, taking normal Battlestation Hazard damage. Additionally, the being is pinned to the ground or wall and cannot move until the door opens again. Opening a door by force requires a DC 35 Strength check to overcome the door's mechanical systems; if the door is unpowered, these systems become dormant, reducing the Strength check to DC 20. A Standard Door can be opened, closed, jammed, and locked from Control Panels built into nearby walls or the door frame.

Doors and the Condition Track Edit

When a door moves a negative number of steps on the Condition Track, its Damage Threshold is reduced as normal, and the door also becomes easier to open. Apply Condition Track penalties to a door's DR, Strength, and Break DC as well. A door that is pushed to the bottom of the Condition Track is disabled- in other words, opened.

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