Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Force Unleashed Campaign Guide

Scouts are often capable of getting into areas unseen, and they make excellent spies thanks to their survival instincts and aptitude for stealth.

Blend In Edit

You know the tricks of body language and movement that allow you to disguise your appearance without elaborate materials or efforts. You can use your Stealth modifier in place of your Deception modifier for the purpose of creating a deceptive appearance. You are considered Trained in Deception Skill for the purpose of using this Talent. If you are entitled to a Deception check reroll, you can reroll your Stealth check instead (Subject to the same circumstances and conditions).

Incognito Edit

Prerequisite: Blend In Talent

Spies are adept at concealing their identities, even if not using a physical disguise. You can reroll any Deception check for the purpose of creating a deceptive appearance, keeping the better of the two results.

Improved Surveillance Edit

Prerequisites: Surveillance Talent, Trained in Perception

Effect: When you successfully use the Surveillance talent, you grant yourself and your allies a +1 insight bonus to all defenses against the target.

Intimate Knowledge Edit

Prerequisite: Surveillance Talent

Experienced spies and Scouts remember many details from previous assignments, providing insights on later missions. Once per encounter as a Standard Action, you can Take 20 on a check involving a Knowledge Skill you are Trained in, or Take 10 on a check involving a Knowledge Skill you are Untrained in, even if circumstances would not normally allow you to Take 10 or Take 20.

Surveillance Edit

Prerequisite: Trained in Perception

As a Full-Round Action, you can make a Perception check against a single target within line of sight. The DC is equal to 15 or the target's Stealth check result (If the target is actively trying to remain hidden), whichever is greater. If the check is successful, you grant yourself and all allies within line of sight a +2 insight bonus on attack rolls against that target until the end of your next turn. Your allies must be able to hear and understand you to benefit from this bonus, and they do not lose the benefit if they move out of line of sight after it is used.

Traceless Tampering Edit

Spies specialize in leaving no evidence of their presence when they tamper with advanced electronics or basic mechanical systems. When using Mechanics to disable a device, you automatically leave no trace when tampering (With no DC increase), and you must fail by 10 or more (Instead of 5 or more) before something goes wrong.