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Space Transports are mid-sized Starships of Colossal or Colossal (Frigate) Size, with fewer than 200 Hit Points. Most Space Transports are designed for moving passengers or cargo, but some are used as gunships, drop ships, or assault shuttles.

Corellian YT-1300 Transport CL 6 Colossal
Corellian YT-1300 Transport

Additional Space Transports Edit

Listed below include all Space Transports of the Star Wars Saga Edition Roleplaying game, found in the various add-on reference books.

Threats of the Galaxy Edit

Corellian VCX-350 Light Freighter CL 10 Colossal
Hound's Tooth CL 12 Colossal
Hound's Tooth-0

Starships of the Galaxy Edit


Baudo-Class Star Yacht CL 6 Colossal
Baudo-Class Star Yacht
Citadel-Class Cruiser CL 7 Colossal
Citadel-Class Cruiser
Consular-Class Cruiser CL 8 Colossal (Frigate)
Consular-Class Cruiser1
Corellian YT-2000 Transport CL 8 Colossal
Corellian YT-2000 Transport
Corellian YT-2400 Transport CL 10 Colossal
Corellian YT-2400 Transport
Dynamic-Class Freighter CL 6 Colossal
Dynamic-Class Freighter
Firespray-31 Patrol Craft CL 9 Colossal
Firespray-31 Patrol Craft
Gamma-Class Assault Shuttle CL 15 Colossal
Gamma-Class Assault Shuttle
GAT-12h "Skipray" CL 15 Colossal
GAT-12h Skipray
Ghtroc 720 Freighter CL 6 Colossal
Ghtroc Industries 720 Freighter
Gozanti Cruiser CL 8 Colossal
Gozanti Cruiser
Imperial Customs Corvette CL 14 Colossal (Frigate)
Imperial Customs Corvette
J-Type Star Skiff CL 14 Colossal
J-Type Star Skiff
Krayt's Honor CL 11 Colossal
Krayt's Honor
Lambda-Class Shuttle CL 12 Colossal
Lambda-Class Shuttle
The Millennium Falcon CL 12 Colossal
The Millennium Falcon
Sith Infiltrator CL 16 Colossal
Sith Infiltrator
Slave I CL 17 Colossal
Slave I
Theta-Class Shuttle CL 11 Colossal
Theta-Class Shuttle

Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide Edit

A Space Transport can serve not only as a method of transportation but also as a home and base of operations. During the turbulence of The Old Republic Era, many individuals buy and maintain Space Transports because they fear that they might have to relocate at a moment's notice. With waves upon waves of refugees created by the various wars of this time, Space Transports were often the safest places to live. When invasion fleets arrive, Space Transport owners can fire up their Hyperdrives and jump to a safer star system, leaving behind the war- at least for a while.


578-R Space Transport CL 6 Colossal
578-R space transport EotEGMK
Baronial-Class Yacht CL 6 Colossal
Eleanor Propulsion Baronial-Class Yacht
Conductor-Class Short-Haul Landing Craft CL 7 Colossal
Conductor-Class Short Haul Landing Craft
The Ebon Hawk CL 8 Colossal
The Ebon Hawk
G-Type Light Shuttle CL 8 Colossal
G-Type light shuttle escorted
Herald-Class Shuttle CL 11 Colossal
Herald-Class Shuttle
KT-400 Military Droid Carrier CL 6 Colossal
KT-400 Military Droid Carrier
Lethisk-Class Armed Freighter CL 10 Colossal
Arakyd Industries Lethisk-Class Armed Freighter
Ministry-Class Orbital Shuttle CL 6 Colossal
Ministry-Class Orbital Shuttle
"Orphanmaker" Assault Gunship CL 12 Colossal
Pelagia Duplex Command Assault Gunship
Quartermaster-Class Supply Carrier CL 6 Colossal
Corellian StarDrive Quartermaster-Class Supply Carrier (2)
Shaadlar-Type Troopship CL 15 Colossal (Frigate)
Shaadlar-Type Troopship
Starscape-Class Yacht CL 13 Colossal
Eleanor Propulsion Starscape-Class Yacht
Teroch-Type Gunship CL 15 Colossal
Teroch-Type Fast Attack Gunship

Force Unleashed Campaign Guide Edit

With the end of open warfare, and the beginning of efforts to avoid the all-encompassing Imperial Navy, Space Transports become the most common Starships seen anywhere in the galaxy. They were found on every side of every conflict. Businesses used them to break shipments into smaller units to avoid losing all their cargo to a single pirate raid, while pirates used them to make those raids. Smugglers used them to ship contraband through Imperial blockades, legitimate independent merchants carried small cargoes to fringe worlds, the Empire used them to patrol as many worlds as possible, and insurgents used them to fight the Empire in hundreds of ragtag, uncoordinated efforts to stop the spread of tyranny.

The scope of the Clone Wars was so vast that no effort to recover the weapons used could even begin to be comprehensive. Numerous ships used for troop transports or light skirmish vessels were converted into space transports, with a surprising amount of firepower hidden under jury-rigged modifications. Even more military weapons were cut out of wrecked spacecraft, and added to Space Transports just big enough to accommodate them. The New Order soon discovered that any merchant vessel could turn out to be a pocket warship with no warning.


Corellian HWK-290 CL 9 Colossal
Moldy Crow - X-Wing Miniatures Games
Maka-Eekai L4000 Transport CL 9 Colossal
Maka-Eekai L4000 Transport
Sentinel-Class Landing Craft CL 10 Colossal
Sentinel-Class Shuttle

Scum and Villainy Edit

The following starships are good examples of the kinds of vessels found in the shadows of the galaxy. They are often found in the hands of pirates, bounty hunters, smugglers, and scum of every description.


Conqueror-Class Assault Ship CL 11 Colossal
Conqueror-Class Assault Ship
Corellian YT-1250 Freighter CL 7 Colossal
Corellian YT-1250 Freighter
Corellian YT-1930 Transport CL 8 Colossal
Corellian YT-1930 Transport
Gymsnor-3 Light Freighter CL 7 Colossal
Gymsnor-3 Light Freighter
Kazellis-Class Light Freighter CL 8 Colossal
Kazellis-Class Light Freighter
Orbital Service Shuttle 23K CL 5 Colossal Image Unavailable
Y164 Slave Transport CL 13 Colossal (Frigate)
Y164 Slave Transport

Clone Wars Campaign Guide Edit

Even though the Clone Wars are waged between The Galactic Republic and The Confederacy of Independent Systems, a number of unaffiliated organizations participate in the struggle. Among these are countless mercenary bands that are drawn into the war by the siren song of easy money. Both Republic and Separatist forces supplement their interstellar forces with mercenaries. To the Separatists, it is a matter of business as usual; to the Republic, especially in the earliest days of the conflict, the use of mercenaries is necessary to bolster the few available fighter craft.

With the coming of lawlessness in the wake of the war, piracy blossoms. Many late-war pirate bands are formed from disenfranchised mercenary companies, and their weapons include the same craft that are on the Republic and Separatist rolls earlier in the conflict.

Other factions, too, possess unique vessels during the Clone Wars. The Mandalorians, for one, had their own ships, the majority of which are produced by Mandalmotors. The Seltiss line of luxury ships- expensive and opulent- are used by the Hutts and their ilk for centuries to come.


BC-714 Luxury Transport CL 5 Colossal
Bc transports Malevolence
C-9979 Landing Craft CL 10 Colossal (Frigate)
C-9979 Landing Craft
Corellian Barloz-Class Medium Freighter CL 7 Colossal
Barloz-Class Freighter
Corellian CR-20 Troop Transport CL 13 Colossal
Corellian G9 Rigger CL 6 Colossal
G9 Rigger
Corellian KR-TB Doomtreader CL 8 Colossal
Corellian KR-TB Doomtreader
Diamond-Class Cruiser CL 13 Colossal (Frigate)
Diamond-Class Cruiser
GS-100 Salvage Ship CL 8 Colossal
GS-100 Salvage Ship
Hardcell-Class Transport CL 10 Colossal (Frigate)
Hardcell-Class Interstellar Transport
Kappa-Class Shuttle CL 11 Colossal
Kappa-Class Shuttle
Nu-Class Attack Shuttle CL 12 Colossal
Nu-Class Attack Shuttle
Punworcca 116-Class Interstellar Sloop CL 6 Gargantuan
Punworrcca-116 Interstellar Sloop
Pursuer-Class Enforcement Ship CL 7 Colossal
Pursuer-Class Enforcement Ship
Seltiss-2 Caravel CL 9 Colossal
Seltiss-2 Caravel
Seltiss-2 Caravel Cabin CL 3 Huge
Seltiss-2 Caravel Cabin
Sheathipede-Class Shuttle CL 4 Colossal
Sheathipede OS

Legacy Era Campaign Guide Edit

While personnel Starfighters are heavily restricted by The Galactic Empire, Space Transports remain widely available to beings with a need to travel freely. The Space Transports listed below are common throughout the galaxy. Although Imperial regulations limit the firepower available to transports, owners of these ships are as fond of making special modifications to their Space Transports as they were during the days of the Galactic Civil War.

Corellian Crix-Class Assault Shuttle CL 15 Colossal
Crix-Class Armored Shuttle
Corellian Crix-Class Courier Shuttle CL 13 Colossal
Crix-Class Armored Shuttle
Corellian MT Dropship CL 15 Colossal
MT Dropship
Corellian Nemesis-Class Patrol Ship CL 6 Colossal
Nemesis-Class Patrol Ship
Corellian YX-1980 Transport CL 8 Colossal
YX-1980 Space Transport
Corellian YZ-2500 Transport CL 12 Colossal (Frigate)
Corellian YZ-2500 Transport
Gladius-Class Light Freighter CL 9 Colossal
Gladius-Class Light Freighter
GPE-7300 Space Transport CL 7 Colossal
GPE-7300 Space Transport
The Grinning Liar CL 8 Colossal
The Grinning Liar
Helot-Class Medium Transport CL 7 Colossal
Helot-Class Medium Transport-0
J-1 Shuttle CL 8 Colossal
MC-24a Light Shuttle CL 6 Colossal
MC-24a Light Shuttle
The Mynock CL 9 Colossal
The Mynock
Nune-Class Imperial Shuttle CL 12 Colossal
Nune-Class Imperial Shuttle
The Scarlet Star CL 10 Colossal
The Scarlet Star
Sigma-Class Long-Range Shuttle Colossal
Sigma-Class Long-Range Shuttle

Rebellion Era Campaign Guide Edit

During The Rebellion Era, Space Transports see a huge increase in use for a variety of reasons. First, they are the largest type of vessel that many shipyards are allowed to build under restrictive Imperial regulations. Second, they are easier than larger ships to hide, maintain, and modify in secret bases, but they remain more powerful than Starfighters, making them the choice of smugglers, bounty hunters, pirates, small merchant cartels, and even Rebel strike forces. Third, it is possible to operate a dozen light freighters for the same cost as a Capital Ship, so credit-strapped groups find it more economical to use Space Transports as scouts, patrol ships, and armed escorts rather than trying to field a fleet of larger ships.

Even planetary governments that have Imperial permission to arm patrol ships sometimes discover that their treasuries, ravaged by the rigors of the Clone Wars and the harsh taxes of the Empire, cannot afford anything bigger than a Space Transport.

AEG-77 "Vigo" Gunship CL 10 Colossal
AEG-77 Vigo Gunship (1)
Corellian YM-2800 Limpet Ship CL 7 Colossal
Corellian YM-2800 Limpet Ship
Corellian YV-545 Light Freighter CL 9 Colossal
Corellian YV-545 Light Freighter
TIE Shuttle CL 4 Gargantuan
TIE Shuttle
VT-49 Decimator CL 12 Colossal
X4 Gunship CL 10 Colossal
X4 Gunship
YE-4 Gunship CL 15 Gargantuan
YE-4 Gunship
YKL-37R Nova Courier CL 8 Colossal
YKL-37R Nova Courier

Galaxy at War Edit

Soldiers and mercenaries spend much of their time inside Space Transports traveling from battlefield to battlefield. For a small strike team of adventuring heroes, a Space Transport can be an ideal headquarters during missions, enabling the heroes to carry any Equipment and Vehicles they might need.

Corellian YU-410 Light Freighter CL 7 Colossal
Corellian YU-410 Light Freighter
IF-120 Landing Craft CL 13 Colossal
IF-120 Landing Craft
Penumbra-Class Attack Shuttle CL 9 Colossal
Penumbra-Class Attack Shuttle
Wayfarer-Class Medium Transport CL 5 Colossal
Wayfayer-Class Medium Transport

Web Enhancements Edit


E-9 Explorer CL 7 Colossal
E-9 Explorer
The Last Resort CL 6 Colossal
The Last Resort
The Moomo Williwaw CL 12 Colossal
Moomo Williwaw

Homebrew Space Transports Edit

The following Homebrew Space Transports includes all Space Transports created through community, and therefore unofficial, creators.

Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook Edit


121-B Interstellar Space Yacht CL 6 Colossal
121-B Interstellar Space Yacht
3-TLB Assault Transport CL 11 Colossal
3-TLB Assault Transport
AA-9 Freighter-Liner CL 12 Colossal (Frigate)
AA-9 Freighter-Liner
Aay'han CL 10 Colossal Image Unavailable
B-7 Light Transport CL 4 Gargantuan
B-7 Light Transport
Baktoid Troop Transport CL 8 Colossal
Corellian CR-25 Troop Carrier CL 8 Colossal
Corellian CR-25 Troop Carrier
Corellian D-Class Starfarer CL 3 Gargantuan Image Unavailable
Corellian Rescue Frigate CL 10 Colossal (Frigate)
Corellian YT-1760 Courier Transport CL 8 Colossal
Corellian YV-865 Aurore-Class Freighter CL 14 Colossal (Frigate)
Corellian YV-865 Aurore-Class Freighter
DeepWater-Class Light Freighter CL 6 Colossal
Formicidae-Class Space Tug CL 2 Colossal
Formicidae-Class Space Tug
The Hasty Harpy CL 11 Colossal
The Havoc CL 16 Colossal
The Havoc
H-Type Space Yacht CL 10 Colossal
H-Type Space Yacht
Huppla Pasa Tisc Troop Transport CL 8 Colossal
Geonosian Troop Transport
The Inferno CL 12 Colossal
Inferno negvv
Jadthu-Class Landing Craft CL 8 Colossal Image Unavailable
J-Type Space Cruiser CL 12 Colossal
J-Type Space Cruiser
LAATAK CL 12 Colossal
LAAT/a Gunship CL 15 Colossal
LAAT/v Gunship CL 12 Colossal Image Unavailable
Loronar Medium Transport CL 6 Colossal (Frigate)
Loronar Medium Transport
Mere Light Transport CL 6 Colossal (Frigate)
Mere Light Transport
Mere Space Tug CL 3 Colossal
Mere Space Tug
Naboo Royal Diplomatic Barge CL 16 Colossal
Nubia J-type Space Barge
Naboo Royal Space Yacht CL 14 Colossal
Naboo Royal Space Yacht
Palpatine's Theta Shuttle CL 16 Colossal
Palpatine's Theta Shuttle
Rampart-Class Assault Shuttle CL 8 Gargantuan
Rampart-Class Assault Shuttle
Seltaya-Class Fast Courier CL 12 Colossal
Seltaya-Class Fast Courier
Skirmisher Boarding Craft CL 12 Colossal Image Unavailable
The Skorp-ION CL 12 Colossal
Skyfire-Class Heavy Assault Cruiser CL 12 Colossal
Skyfire-Class Heavy Assault Cruiser
Spirit-Class Rescue Craft CL 8 Colossal
SX-4 Clone Trooper Transport CL 14 Colossal
SX-4 Clone Trooper Transport
Trade Federation Cargo Freighter CL 4 Colossal (Frigate)
Trade Federation Cargo Freighter
Trade Federation Troop Transport CL 9 Colossal (Frigate)
Trade Federation Troop Transport
Trident-Class Assault Ship CL 10 Colossal
Tri-Mark VII Interceptor CL 12 Colossal
The Longshot
Tri-Wing Shuttle CL 12 Colossal
Tri-Wing Shuttle
VAAT/e Transport CL 9 Colossal
Vehicle Armored Carrier CL 12 Colossal (Frigate)
Vehicle Armored Carrier.JPG
The Zoomer CL 14 Colossal
The Zoomer

New Jedi Order Campaign Guide Edit


Yorik-trema CL 11 Colossal
Yorik-vec Cruiser CL 12 Colossal
Yorik-vec Assault Cruiser

The Old Republic Sourcebook Edit


Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter CL 11 Colossal
XS Stock Light Freighter
Defender-Class Light Corvette CL 9 Colossal
Defender-Class Light Corvette
Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor CL 11 Colossal
Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor
X-70B Phantom-Class Operations Craft CL 12 Colossal
X-70B Phantom-Class Operations Craft

General Homebrew Content Edit


Etti Light Transport CL 11 Colossal (Frigate)
Etti Light Transport
The Ghost CL 9 Colossal
The Ghost
Imperial Customs Frigate CL 10 Colossal
Imperial Customs Frigate
LAAT/s Gunship CL 9 Colossal
LAATs Gunship
The Phantom CL 8 Huge
The Phantom
RX4 Patrol Ship CL 9 Colossal
RX4 Patrol Ship
U-Wing Starfighter/Support Craft CL 11 Colossal
U-wing-SW Battlefront
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