Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Force Unleashed Campaign Guide

Smuggling is part skill, part talent, and part luck. The most notorious smugglers in the galaxy get along by making use of their quick wits and savvy.

Art of Concealment Edit

Some smugglers are adept at hiding contraband and weapons, even on their person. When making a Stealth check to Conceal an item, you can Take 10 even under pressure. Additionally, you can Conceal an item as a Swift Action.

Fast Talker Edit

Prerequisite: Art of Concealment

Smugglers must be quick to explain discrepancies in their cover stories. Once per day, you can Take 20 on a Deception check as a Standard Action when attempting to Deceive.

Hidden Weapons Edit

Prerequisite: Art of Concealment

If you draw a concealed weapon and attack a target that failed to notice the item in the same round, that target is considered Flat-Footed against you. You can draw a concealed item or a stowed item as a Move Action. Additionally, if you have the Quick Draw Feat, you can reduce this to a Swift Action.

Illicit Dealings Edit

Smugglers have a knack for locating and negotiating illicit deals. When using Persuasion to Haggle for Restricted, Military, or Illegal goods you may roll twice, keeping the better of the two results.

Surprise Strike Edit

Sometimes a smuggler has to fight his way out of a bad situation. If you fail any Deception check to convey deceptive information, you can initiate combat and make a single Unarmed attack as a Free Action in the Surprise Round (Or with a melee or ranged weapon, if you have the Quick Draw Feat); all other combatants are considered Surprised even if they are aware of you.

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