Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scavenger's Guide to Droids

See also: Feats

You clap two Hands, Claws, or Appendages together, delivering a crushing blow to an enemy.

Prerequisites: Droid, Small size or larger, 2+ Appendages, Strength 13

Effect: As a Standard Action, you slam two of your Appendages together from either side of an enemy, crushing your target between them. Make a melee attack. If the attack is successful, you deal Unarmed damage with double your Strength modifier. If you also exceed the target's Damage Threshold, it has a Persistent Condition that can only be removed with 8 hours of rest or a DC 20 Treat Injury check.

Special: If you also have the Crush Feat, increase your Unarmed damage by 1 die when using Slammer.

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