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One of the most elite Starfighter squadrons in the galaxy, Skull Squadron is a force of pilots assigned to the defense and security of Coruscant. Consisting of the best pilots culled from squadrons throughout the galaxy, Skull Squadron is made up of a relatively small number of Imperial pilots that specialize in the operation of the Predator-Class Starfighter. Other elite Starfighter squadrons within the Empire, such as the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing, operate as a part of naval operations throughout the galaxy, typically being assigned to a single fleet or task force and remaining mobile. Skull Squadron (Whose formal listing in the ranks of the Imperial Navy is the 1st Imperial Center Core Defense Squadron) is instead assigned to Coruscant and concerns itself almost exclusively with the defense of the Imperial capital and its citizens.

Though protecting Coruscant from danger is Skull Squadron's primary mission, sometimes that duty requires them to take missions elsewhere in the Core Worlds. During the days of The Sith-Imperial War, for example, Skull Squadron was assigned to protect the convoy that brought Emperor Roan Fel (And his imposter) to Coruscant to claim the recently captured world. Likewise, during the days following the end of the war, Skull Squadron has been responsible for missions targeting pirates, rebels, and smugglers both above Coruscant and throughout The Core and The Deep Core. If Skull Squadron takes on a mission away from Coruscant, that mission almost always has repercussions that reach back to the capital planet or the highest-ranking officers of the Empire. Skull Squadron has, from time to time, accompanied Sith Lords on Jedi-hunting missions, particularly when the threat of space combat is present.

As with many elite fighter groups, entry into Skull Squadron is by invitation only. The leader of Skull Squadron is appointed by the Council of Moffs, usually at the recommendation of the Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy. Skull Squadron's commander is responsible for recruiting and maintaining pilots in the squadron, who are chosen based on their existing records. There are no rookie pilots in Skull Squadron, though many rookies believe that getting stationed to one of the other fighter squadrons based out of the Core Worlds increases one's chances of being noticed. In truth, when it comes time to make a replacement within the squadron, region of assignment is neither boon nor barrier to selection for Skull Squadron.

The roster of Skull Squadron changes frequently, but only in small amounts (As Skull Squadron has only infrequently suffered the heavy losses associated with a large roster change). The current commander of Skull Squadron is Gunn Yage, the daughter of Moff Rulf Yage.

Skull Squadron Heroic Units[edit | edit source]

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Legacy Era Campaign Guide
Gunn Yage CL 9 The current leader of Skull Squadron and (Unknowingly) half-sister to Cade Skywalker, Gunn has reduced the fatality rate of the squadron by over 80%.
Rulf Yage CL 13 The current Grand Admiral and previous commander of Skull Squadron.

 Skull Squadron Nonheroic Units[edit | edit source]

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Legacy Era Campaign Guide
Skull Squadron Pilot CL 8 A member of the elite Skull Squadron, defending Coruscant from outside threats.
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