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Your character's skills represent a variety of abilities, and you get better at them as you go up in level. A skill check takes into account your training (Trained skill bonus), natural talent (Ability modifier), and luck (the dice roll). It may also take into account your Species' knack for certain skills or the armor you're wearing (Armor Check Penalty), among other things.

To make a skill check, roll: 1d20 + One-Half Your Character Level + Key Ability Modifier + Miscellaneous Modifiers + 5 (if you are Trained in the skill)


See also: Skill Replacements

This section describes each Skill, including common and typical modifiers. Characters can sometimes use Skills for other purposes than those listed here. For example, you might be able to impress the members of a starfighter squadron by making a Pilot check.

Acrobatics (Dex) Yes - Yes - -
Climb (Str) - - - Yes Yes
Deception (Cha) - Yes Yes - -
Endurance (Con) Yes - - Yes Yes
Gather Information (Cha) - Yes Yes - -
Initiative (Dex) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jump (Str) Yes - - Yes Yes
Knowledge (Int) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes*
Mechanics (Int) Yes - Yes Yes Yes
Perception (Wis) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Persuasion (Cha) - Yes Yes - -
Pilot (Dex) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ride (Dex) - Yes - Yes -
Stealth (Dex) - - Yes Yes -
Survival (Wis) - - - Yes -
Swim (Str) - - - Yes Yes
Treat Injury (Wis) - Yes - - Yes
Use Computer (Int) - Yes Yes - Yes
Use the Force (Cha)** Yes - - - -

*Only Knowledge (Tactics) is a Class Skill for Soldiers.

**The Force Sensitivity feat is required to activate the Use the Force skill.

Skill Descriptions[]

Below is the format for skill descriptions. Headings that do not apply to a particular skill are omitted in that skill's description.

  • Key Ability: The Ability whose modifier applies to the skill check.
  • Trained Only: If "Trained Only" appears on the line beneath the skill name, you must be Trained in that Skill to use it. If "Trained Only" is omitted, the skill can be used Untrained except for some uses. If any special notes apply to Trained or Untrained use, they are covered in the "Special" section.
  • Armor Check Penalty: If "Armor Check Penalty" appears on the line beneath the skill name, a character takes a penalty on skill checks made with the skill if they're wearing Armor with which they are not proficient. The size of the Armor Check Penalty depends on the type of armor: Light Armor, -2; Medium Armor, -5; or Heavy Armor, -10.
  • Retry: Any circumstances that apply to successive attempts to use the skill successfully. If this paragraph is omitted, the skill check can be tried again without any inherent penalty other than consuming additional time.
  • Special: Any special notes that apply, such as rules regarding Untrained use and whether you can Take 10 or Take 20 when using the skill.
  • Time: How much time it takes to make a check with this skill, if that information hasn't already been covered elsewhere.