Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Jedi Academy Training Manual

Equipment Type: Sith Artifacts

A favorite of The Krath and of The Mecrosa Order, Sith Poison is the most insidious of inventions. Once the toxin is introduced into a Force-user's bloodstream, whether through injection or ingestion, exposed individuals become quicker to anger, and more likely to call on the Dark Side, slowly perverting servants of the Light into agents of the Dark.

Sith Poison Edit

See also: HazardsPoisons

Keywords: Contact or Ingestion, Poison

Challenge Level: 10

When a creature takes damage from a Weapon coated with Sith Poison or ingests a substance tainted with the Sith Poison, make an attack roll (1d20+12) against the target's Fortitude Defense. If the attack succeeds, the target takes 4d6 points of damage and moves -1 Persistent step down the Condition Track. If the attack fails, the target takes no damage. Whether it succeeds or fails, the Sith Poison feeds the target's anger drawing it closer to the Dark Side until the effect is negated. Every time the target spends a Force Point, make an attack roll (1d20+12) against the target's Will Defense. If the attack succeeds, the character calls upon the Dark Side and increases their Dark Side Score by 1. Every time an attack made by the Sith Poison fails, a character can make a DC 25 Use the Force check to neutralize the Sith Poison. If the Sith Poison attack fails 5 consecutive times, the Sith Poison is neutralized automatically.

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