Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy at War

See also: Shockboxer Talent Tree, Shockboxing Gloves

The sport of Shockboxing is a violent and dangerous testing ground for hand-to-hand combat prowess. Two combatants don special Shockboxing Gloves and then engage in melee combat with each other. The sport is a popular training method within military units, and the Barabel Species is exceptionally well-suited to the competition. Shockboxers are tough and skilled at hand-to-hand combat, using their fists to deliver punishing blows and deflect incoming attacks.

Shockboxing in Star Wars Saga Edition can be as simple as a combat encounter between two Shockboxers. However, to prevent a Shockboxing match from being little more than a series of attack rolls, Gamemasters should encourage Skill use as a part of the match. As an optional rule, during a Shockboxing match a character makes attack rolls and also Skill Checks during his or her turn. Each Shockboxer can make one Skill Check as a Free Action, describing how he or she tries to gain an advantage for that exchange of attacks. For example, you might choose to use Endurance to steel yourself against incoming attacks, Deception to try to Feint, Perception to look for signs of weakness, or Persuasion to try to Intimidate your opponent. The Gamemaster should set the Skill DC (Either against the opponent's Defenses, or with an appropriate DC for a character of that level). Success grants the combatant a temporary Force Point, which must be spent before the end of the next turn or it is lost. Typically, this Force Point is used to grant a bonus to attack rolls, but during a Shockboxing match you can choose to add the results of a Force Point roll to your damage roll instead.

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