Homebrew Reference Book: New Jedi Order Campaign Guide

See also: Starship Maneuvers

Shield Trios are formations of close-flying fighters, maneuvering a rotating pattern that spreads damage from incoming fire among all fighters.

[Attack Pattern]

Time: Full-Round Action

Targets: Self, plus 2 adjacent Starfighters.

Make a Pilot check. If you and the other two Starfighters engaging in this maneuver with you succeed at DC 25 Pilot checks, you successfully activate the maneuver. All three ships enter the same square. When an attack targets any of the ships in the Shield Trio, the damage of the attack is reduced by the Shield Rating of all the ships in the trio. Only the targeted ship’s SR is reduced if the damage exceeds the combined Shield Rating of the Shield Trio.

Example: Three T-65XJ3 X-Wings enter a Shield Trio. X-Wing 1 is attacked, and the attack deals 105 damage. The combined Shield Rating of all three ships is 90, so X-Wing 1 takes 15 damage and has its SR reduced by 5.

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