Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Jedi Academy Training Manual

The Shapers of Kro Var are deeply in touch with the four classic elements of air, earth, fire, and water. They use The Force to manipulate these elements at a fundamental level, creating impressive effects, such as ripping stone, walls of solid wind, and gouts of flame. The Talents listed here are a small fraction of the "Spells" that these primitive Force-users are capable of using. You must be a member of The Shapers of Kro Var Force Tradition to select any of the Talents described below.

Combustion Edit

Prerequisite: Force Training

You can spend a Force Point as a Swift Action to add 1d6 points of Fire damage to any Force Power that causes damage to a single target. A target that takes Fire damage also catches on Fire.

Earth Buckle Edit

You can spend a Force Point as a Swift Action to create a 3x3 square area of Difficult Terrain centered on you. You ignore any penalties for moving on Difficult Terrain that you create using this Talent.

Fluidity Edit

You can use your Use the Force check modifier in place of your Acrobatics check modifier when making Acrobatics checks. If you are entitled to an Acrobatics check reroll, you may reroll your Use the Force check instead (Subject to the same circumstances and limitations). Additionally, when you attempt a Grapple or attempt to break free of a Grapple, you can spend a Force Point to be treated as if you were one size category larger.

Thunderclap Edit

Prerequisites: Bantha Rush Feat, Force Training Feat

When you use a Force Power that deals damage, you can use the Bantha Rush Feat against that target as though you had made a melee attack.

Wind Vortex Edit

You can spend a Force Point as a Swift Action to surround yourself with whirling winds. You gain Concealment from all other targets and gain a +2 circumstance bonus to your Reflex Defense against Thrown Weapons. This effect lasts until the end of the encounter.

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