Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Legacy Era Campaign Guide

You manipulate Yuuzhan Vong Biotech in new ways, molding it to your own ends and making it more effective.

Biotech Mastery Edit

Prerequisite: Biotech Specialist

When using the Biotech Specialist Feat to modify Biotech, you are able to make the appropriate modification in half of the normal time for half the normal cost. In addition, you can Take 10 on the Mechanics check (Even when distracted or threatened), but you cannot Take 20.

Expedient Mending Edit

Prerequisite: Expert Shaper

You can temporarily mend a damaged or disabled Biotech device using the Treat Injury Skill as a Standard Action instead of a Full-Round Action.

Expert Shaper Edit

You may reroll any Treat Injury check made to repair or modify a Biotech object, but the result of the reroll must be accepted, even if it is worse.

Master Mender Edit

Prerequisite: Expert Shaper

Whenever you temporarily mend a Biotech device using the Treat Injury Skill, the mended device moves +4 steps on the Condition Track. In addition, the mended device only moves -3 steps down the Condition Track at the end of the scene or encounter, and is only disabled if this reduction brings it to -5 steps on the Condition Track.

Skilled Implanter Edit

Prerequisite: Biotech Surgery

Whenever you use the Biotech Surgery Feat to install a Bio-Implant, the Bio-Implant's attack bonus against the recipient's Fortitude Defense is halved.

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