Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy at War

See also: GaW Bases and Battlestations, Sensor Controls, Alarms and Responses

The Sensors aboard a Battlestation can vary widely in capabilities, ranging from extremely precise to relatively vague. For the most part, Sensors simply detect the presence of life or radiation, or provide general information about the condition of a given area. In rare cases, sensor suites are so advanced that they can detect the precise number of beings in an area, the Species of those beings, and the Weapons carried. The precision of the Sensors depends on the Battlestation's CL; see table below. Each level of precision is cumulative with all lesser levels; for example, Sensors with Medium precision can also detect everything that Sensors with Low and Moderate precision can detect.

1-4 Low; detects power failures, basic system malfunctions, and local alarms.
5-8 Moderate; detects presence of life, relative environmental conditions within the area.
9-12 Medium; detects number of lifeforms, weapons fire, presence of Droids.
13-16 Heavy; determines Species of lifeforms, determines Droid Models.
17-20 Exact; determines health of lifeforms, Weapons and Equipment carried.

Sensors are controlled, activated, and deactivated from the Security Control Room. In most cases, the actual Sensors are incredibly hard to find, since they are little more than computerized receptors built into the walls and other structures of the Battlestation. Finding the sensor nodes in a particular room requires a Heroic Perception check, and tampering with a node almost always triggers a sensor alarm. Disconnecting the power to a node requires a Hard Mechanics check; a successful check immediately shuts down the Sensor.

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