Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy at War

See also: GaW Bases and Battlestations

Whereas ordinary Corridors provide access to most sections of a Battlestation, engineers and technicians use Secondary Conduits and access tunnels to reach parts of the station that the majority of its personnel never see. Additionally, air vents and waste ducts travel throughout all parts of the station, creating a network of passages that remain hidden from the general crew. Grates and doors seal off these Conduits from the rest of the station and are normal barriers to entrance. A favorite tactic of infiltrators is to use these Conduits to move about, thereby avoiding most usual security measures.

Where do the Secondary Conduits go? Air ducts primarily travel along Corridors and into rooms, helping to circulate the atmosphere to prevent the ait in the station from becoming stale. In addition, these ducts frequently lead to the station's environmental and life support systems, and they can connect to wind tunnels that force air the long distances traveled by the ducts. Waste conduits typically follow less conventional routes, leading from various locales to centralized disposal centers and garbage compactors. Maintenance tunnels, on the other hand, lead directly from Corridors to internal systems, with no routes to other locations. Technicians rarely need to go anywhere but straight to the systems they are working on, although some emergency maintenance conduits might allow them to bypass difficult security measures and travel directly to the heart of the problem.

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