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Not all Technicians are mechanics. Some are experts in chemistry or xenobiology, making good use of their acquired knowledge.

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Bioengineering Edit

Prerequisite: Skill Focus (Treat Injury)

You can make a Treat Injury check instead of a Mechanics check made to Build Object. You are considered Trained in the Mechanics Skill for the purposes of this Talent. If you are entitled to a Mechanics check reroll, you may reroll your Treat Injury check instead (Subject to the same circumstances and limitations).

Equipment created through the use of this Talent gains the characteristics of a Biotech Device.

Binary Mind Edit

Prerequisites: Understand Binary, Not a Droid

Your mind works in ways unusual for an organic Species, making you seem more machine than man. You may select a single Talent whose prerequisites you meet from the 1st-Degree Droid Talent Tree (This does not include the prerequisite of beings a 1st-Degree Droid); you gain the benefits of this Talent and are considered to have this Talent for the purpose of satisfying prerequisites. This Talent cannot be taken more than once.

Poisoncraft Edit

Prerequisite: Medical Scientist, Skill Focus (Treat Injury)

You can make a Treat Injury check made to Build Object to create a variety of Poisons, using your knowledge of specialized chemicals. When crafting Poison in this manner, the Hit Point modifier for crafting is equal to the Poison's Challenge Level (For example, Knockout Drugs (CL 2) have a Hit Point modifier of x2). One dose of Poison is equal in size to a Fine object.

The complexity of a Poison is determined by its Challenge Level (CL):

CL 1-CL 6 Simple
CL 7-CL 13 Moderate
14-20 Complex

Recall Beast Edit

Prerequisite: Trained in Knowledge (Life Sciences)

You use your experience in xenobiology to recall a Beast's traits and abilities. As a Swift Action, you can select a single Beast within line of sight and make a Knowledge (Life Sciences) check against a DC equal to 15 + the Beast's CL. If the check is successful, you immediately learn any two (Your choice) of the following pieces of information: Beast's Base Attack Bonus or attack bonus with a particular weapon, any one Defense Score, any one Skill modifier, or the presence of any one Talent, Feat, or special ability (You choose the ability, and the Gamemaster reveals whether or not it is present).

Medical Scientist Edit

Prerequisite: Skill Focus (Treat Injury), Trained in any Knowledge skill

Your scientific mind has applied itself to medicine, discovering life-saving techniques and methodical applications of common tools. You may reroll any Treat Injury check, but the result of the reroll must be accepted, even if it is worse.

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