Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scum and Villainy

Star Wars explores the conflict between light and dark, but the Star Wars universe features numerous examples of antiheroes- individuals who fall somewhere in the middle and who could care less about notions of good and evil, instead forging their own ways, by their own rules. Lando Calrissian, Han Solo, Boba Fett, and many others take this role at some time in their careers, standing in that murky zone between hem and villain until circumstance or fate pushes them to one side or the other.

Such antiheroes are some of the most engaging figures in the Star Wars universe. Their inexorable slides to evil as well as their efforts to achieve redemption resonate with us all. Thus, characters of ambiguous morals and shady principals are often adopted in the roleplaying game. To this end, this chapter presents new Character Creation material to help you design rogue heroes that are every bit as compelling as any of the reluctant or fallen heroes found In the galaxy. 

Species Edit

The galaxy teems with alien life. Sapient species more diverse and more numerous than can be imagined haunt some of the most inhospitable worlds and systems, thriving in spite of all that is arrayed against them. Some are inclined toward the light. others toward the dark, but far more an left straddling the line between the two, staking their own claims to fate and fortune. 

Blood Carver +2 Dex, -2 Wis, -2 Cha
Blood Carver
Clawdite +2 Cha, -2 Str
Falleen +2 Cha, -2 Wis
Gand +2 Wis, -2 Cha
Jawa +2 Dex, -2 Str
Ryn +2 Cha
Toydarian +2 Wis, -2 Str
Ubese +2 Dex, -2 Con

Fringe Heroes Edit

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Outside the legitimate authority of the galaxy, life is dangerous. Laws are made and enforced by the powerful with little interest in justice or fairness. On the fringes, crime lords and gangsters command through a generous use of force and terror to ensure that the lesser cow to their every whim. With no Empire or Republic, rule goes to the individual who can take power and hold it longest. Amid these lawless places rogue heroes thrive, carving names for themselves in a dangerous, though exhilarating universe, fighting syndicates, slavers, pirates, and other villains. This section explores how heroes who skirt the line between light and dark develop talents and abilities that set them apart from their more mainstream counterparts.

Skills Edit

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Skills are an important part of any Scoundrel's arsenal. A Scoundrel trained in Acrobatics, for example, is far more mobile on the battlefield than slow-moving Soldiers and fragile Nobles. Similarly, training in Deception gives a Scoundrel the edge they need to talk their way out of a complicated situation. What follows are specific skill uses, all of which are intended to broaden the capabilities of the Skills most often utilized by Scoundrels and other rogues in the galaxy. Although designed with the Scoundrel in mind, any character Trained in these Skills can take advantage of these expanded uses.

Acrobatics Edit

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Training in Acrobatics grants a hero unmatched maneuverability, broadening the ways in which the hero interacts with his environment.

Catch Item (Trained Only) Edit

Whenever you successfully Disarm your opponent, you can make a DC 20 Acrobatics check as a Free Action. If the Acrobatics check succeeds, you snatch the object from the air. You must have at least one hand free to grab the item.

Escape Artist (Trained Only) Edit

By increasing the DC by 10, you can reduce the time required to Escape Bonds. Escaping a Grapple takes a Move Action; escaping a Net or moving 1 square through a tight space requires a Standard Action; and only 5 rounds are required to escape from ropes, Binder Cuffs, or manacles.

Nimble Charge (Trained Only) Edit

If you succeed on a DC 25 Acrobatics check, you can Charge through low objects and Difficult Terrain. If you fail this check, you cannot attack at the end of your movement. You can combine this with the Cross Difficult Terrain action; however, the DC increases to 35.

Deception Edit

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Deception is another vital skill for Scoundrels, for it is the currency of their trade. Whether used to mask their true motives, to forge documents, or even to assume a false identity, Deception offers a broad spectrum of ways to fool and mislead others.

Alternative Story (Trained Only) Edit

Whenever you fail a Deception check to convey Deceptive Information or a Deceptive Appearance, you can immediately attempt a second Deception check to avert suspicion. This second check is at a -10 penalty.

Cheat (Trained Only) Edit

When you Gamble, you can use Deception to improve your chances to win. However, you risk getting caught. When Gambling against other characters, you can substitute your Deception check for your Wisdom check, but your opponents are entitled to a Perception check to catch you in the act. If the Perception check result equals or exceeds your Deception check, they detect your cheating.

Group Feint (Trained Only) Edit

You can Feint multiple targets at once as a Full-Round Action. You can target any number of opponents who are clearly visible and who are within 6 squares of you. Each target beyond the first imposes a -5 penalty on your Deception check. You roll just once to set the DC for your opponents' Initiative checks. Any opponent whose roll you beat is treated as Flat-Footed against the first attack you make against him in the next round.

Innuendo (Trained Only) Edit

You can use Deception to transmit a secret message to another character Trained in Deception. You do so by using subtle hand gestures, slipping in code words, and using body language. The DC depends on the complexity of the communication. A simple message in which you convey general concepts is a DC 10. Complex messages that involve multiple steps or complicated information start at DC 15 and can rise as high as DC 25.

Any character who can both see and hear the transmitted message is entitled to a Perception check to decipher the message. The DC is equal to the Deception check DC. The Gamemaster can modify the DC for environmental factors such as loud noise, dim lighting, and distance.

Gather Information Edit

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Knowledge is power, as the saying goes, and Scoundrels hold this maxim as true. A well-informed Scoundrel can avoid unnecessary confrontations and can be suitably prepared for the necessary ones. A knowledgeable Scoundrel knows where to look and who to ask when chasing down an elusive bit of information, and having learned a juicy secret, a Scoundrel knows who will pay to make sure it stays a secret.

Find a Good Score (Trained Only) Edit

Scoundrels of all types frequently have to hunt high and low for good, profitable work. Finding a score, as many illicit jobs on the fringe are called, can be one of the most difficult parts of a scoundrel's career. Characters Trained in Gather Information can make a skill check to try and find profitable work. The base DC for this skill check is equal to 10 + the character's level. Success indicates the character finds profitable work, and the Gamemaster should use the Job Generator to create a job for the heroes to undertake. Additionally, success means that the heroes gain an additional 10% of the normal credit payout for the job.

However, failing this check does not mean that the heroes fail to find work, only that they fail to find profitable work. Failing the check by 5 or less means that the heroes find a job at the normal pay rate. Failing the check by 6-10 points means that the heroes find a job but only gain 90% of the normal payout. Failing the check by 10 or more means that the heroes fail to find a job. Finding a score takes one hour.

Identify Edit

You can identify the salient features of an item by consulting experts. Examples include mysterious weaponry, artifacts, and other relics. Even though the Knowledge skill can handle these functions, finding a person with the right kind of expertise can be tricky, hence knowing whom to ask can be a boon when saddled with an object of an unknown origin.

Commonly known facts such as identifying the item's function requires a DC 20 Gather Information check. For every 5 points that you beat the DC by, you learn one additional fact or useful bit of information about the item.

Identify is subject to the normal limitations on Gather Information. Some items are unidentifiable by making a skill check.

Quick Intel (Trained Only) Edit

You can halve the time required for a Gather Information check by increasing the DC by 10. You must declare your use of Quick Intel before rolling.

Mechanics Edit

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Scoundrels are often talented techs and engineers because they recognize the value of using good gear in their larcenous pursuits. In addition to the common methods for modifying, repairing, and disabling gear, a skilled mechanic can install traps on equipment and even coax a bit more firepower out of the weapons they wield.

Booby Trap (Requires Tool Kit) Edit

Whenever you would make a Mechanics check to sabotage a piece of Equipment, you can install a booby trap to damage the next character who uses the item. For every 1d4 damage you would have the trap deal, you must increase the Mechanics DC by 5. So booby trapping a blaster to deal 3d4 damage to it's next user requires a DC 30 Mechanics check (Base DC 15 to jam the blaster, +15 for 3d4 damage).

Once the trap is installed, it attacks the next character to use the item, using your Base Attack Bonus against the target's Reflex Defense. If the attack hits, it deals the indicated damage.

Hot Shot (Requires Tool Kit) Edit

You can overload an energy weapon to deliver a deadlier attack, but at the risk of a mishap or explosion. You must spend 1 hour and succeed on a Mechanics check. The DC is 20 plus 5 for every weapon size category above Tiny. If the check succeeds, the weapon deals an additional +3 points of damage. Any natural attack roll of 5 or lower, however, causes the weapon to become Disabled. A natural attack roll of 1 causes the weapon to explode in the wielder's hands, dealing the modified weapon's damage to the wielder and half damage to all adjacent creatures.

Perception Edit

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When tossing a room for anything of value, a Scoundrel recognizes the need for speed, especially when the guards are already on the way.

Quick Search (Trained Only) Edit

You can perform a quick survey of an area to notice the most important elements with a glance. You can make a Perception to Search a 5-square area or a 5-cubic-meter volume of goods as a Full-Round Action by taking a -10 penalty on the check.

Pilot Edit

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Whether pirate or smuggler, Scoundrel pilots know the tricks to avoid Imperial entanglements and slip through blockades unnoticed.

Fly Casual (Trained Only) Edit

Whenever you are Piloting a Starship or other Vehicle, you can substitute a Pilot check for a Deception check to give off a Deceptive Appearance. You still might be required to produce documentation and know specific procedures as is customary for the situation, but this use helps you avert suspicion in the first place, especially when your authorization codes are old and out of date.

Stealth Edit

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Stealth is a vital skill for Scoundrels because it allows them to conceal their movements, to hide from their enemies, to plant objects on an opponent, to remove objects from an opponent's possession, and even to attack from hidden positions and then melt away, practically invisible.

Drop Edit

You can use Stealth to deposit a small concealed item without attracting notice, such as slipping a drug into a drink or planting a bug on a person's clothes. Any observer that beats your Stealth check with a Perception check notices the drop.

Use Computer Edit

Main Article: Use Computer

Many Scoundrels are adept at slicing into computers to manipulate them as well as to learn the secrets they hide.

Backtrail (Trained Only) Edit

A successful DC 25 Use Computer check reveals the identity of the last person to use the computer and the information they sought. The computer's Attitude modifies the DC as normal.

Cover Tracks (Trained Only) Edit

When you access a computer, you can conceal your presence and how you used the computer by increasing all Use Computer check DCs by 5. Any character who attempts to Backtrail (See above) the computer to determine your identity and what you did takes a -5 penalty on their Use Computer check.

Feats Edit

See also: Feats

The Feats presented here supplement those found in the Saga Edition Core Rulebook and are suitable for any era of play. Notably, these Feats are designed with roguish characters in mind, though any character who qualifies can select these Feats.

Burst of Speed Trained in Endurance Move speed twice as Move Action.
Close Combat Escape Trained in Acrobatics Escape Grapple and attack.
Collateral Damage Rapid Shot, Base Attack Bonus +6 Gain extra attack upon hitting the first target.
Cornered None When unable to Withdraw, +2 on attacks.
Deadly Sniper Sniper, Trained in Stealth, Base Attack Bonus +9 Gain +2 bonus on your ranged attack roll and deal +1 die of damage.
Deceptive Drop Trained in Initiative Flat-Footed targets knocked Prone on Surprise Round.
Desperate Gambit None Reroll missed attack by taking a penalty to Reflex Defense.
Duck and Cover Trained in Stealth You dive for Cover when you avoid Area Attacks.
Fleet-Footed Running Attack +2 speed when making a Running Attack.
Friends in Low Places Trained in Gather Information Reduce Black Market cost multiplier for Restricted Items by 1.
Hasty Modification Tech Specialist Swap one Trait for another Trait.
Hideous Visage Shapeshift Species Trait Deception check to push opponent away.
Impersonate Shapeshift Species Trait, Skill Focus (Deception) Shapeshift to impersonate a specific person.
Impetuous Move Constitution 13 Move when you catch a Second Wind.
Impulsive Flight None Withdraw faster.
Knife Trick Lightning Draw, Quick Draw, Trained in Stealth Attack of Opportunity with concealed weapon to greater effect.
Lightning Draw Quick Draw Draw and fire as a Standard Action.
Metamorph Constitution 13, Shapeshift Species Trait, Trained in Deception Change your size.
Opportunistic Retreat Combat Reflexes Sacrifice Attack of Opportunity to move at half speed.
Resurgence Trained in Endurance Gain bonus Move Action when you catch your Second Wind.
Signature Device Tech Specialist Install two Traits.
Slippery Maneuver Dodge Dodge two targets, Withdraw at full speed.
Staggering Attack Sneak Attack or Rapid Shot or Rapid Strike Forgo extra damage to push back opponent.
Stay Up Trained in Endurance Move 1 step down Condition Track to reduce damage.
Superior Tech Intelligence 17, Tech Specialist, 9th level Install superior equipment upgrades.
Tactical Advantage Combat Reflexes Make Attack of Opportunity and move 1 square.
Wicked Strike Rapid Strike Gain extra attack on a second target upon damaging the first target.

Prestige Class Talents Edit

The following talents expand the talent trees available to the Prestige Classes found in the Saga Edition Core Rulebook.

Ace Pilots Edit

See also: Ace Pilot

Smugglers, pirates, and other scoundrels spend a lot of time aboard starships, and among those who serve as pilots their incredible skills become the stuff of legend. Ace Pilots are highly valued in The Fringe, since they have the ability to avoid entanglements with the local authorities.

Bounty Hunters Edit

See also: Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunters are common in criminal circles because their work takes them into some of the most dangerous places in the galaxy. An experienced Bounty Hunter develops a variety of talents to bring in their foes quickly and easily.

Crime Lords Edit

Civilized regions recognize the law as the authority, but backwater worlds and those far from the major byways of the galaxy learn that true power is held by the Crime Lords. Such villains command legions of lackeys, have astonishing resources, and are implacable enemies when crossed.

Gunslingers Edit

In parts of the galaxy where a blaster pistol can be the difference between life and death, the Gunslinger makes it clear that he or she is not to be trifled with.

Scum and Villainy Prestige Classes Edit

The following new Prestige Classes are suitable within a Fringe Campaign:

Assassin Minimum Level: 7th

Trained Skills: Stealth

Feats: Sniper

Talents: Dastardly Strike

A shadowy agent that kills for credits.
Charlatan Minimum Level: 7th

Trained Skills: Deception and Persuasion

Talents: At least one Talent from the Disgrace Talent Tree, Influence Talent Tree, or Lineage Talent Tree

A master swindler, well acquainted with scams and Con Games.
Master Privateer Minimum Level: 7th

Trained Skills: Deception and Pilot

Feats: Vehicular Combat

Talents: Any two Talents from the Misfortune Talent Tree, Smuggling Talent Tree, or Spacer Talent Tree

Expert raider for hire.
Outlaw Minimum Level: 7th

Trained Skills: Stealth and Survival

Talents: Any one Talent from the Disgrace Talent Tree or Misfortune Talent Tree

Special: You must be wanted by the authorities in at least one star system

An infamous criminal wanted by one or more governments.
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