Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

You are an expert in the use of Jet Packs. You can use this form of transport to perform specialized aerial assaults and maneuvers.

Jet Pack Training Edit

You can activate a Jet Pack as a Free Action on your turn. You need not make Pilot checks to land safely with a Jet Pack.

Burning Assault Edit

Prerequisite: Jet Pack Training

As a Standard Action you can expend one of your Jet Pack's charges to make an attack with the Jet Pack, treating it as a Flamethrower. You cannot use this Talent when you are flying. You are considered proficient in the Flamethrower for purposes of making this attack.

Improved Trajectory Edit

Prerequisite: Jet Pack Training

You always use the proper trajectories to maximize the efficiency of your rocket-pack burn rates. You increase your fly Speed by 2 squares when using a Jet Pack.

Jet Pack Withdraw Edit

Prerequisite: Jet Pack Training

Once per encounter, as a Reaction when an opponent moves adjacent to you, you can expend one charge of your Jet Pack to fly and Move your Speed, or Withdraw.

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