Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scum and Villainy

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Unlike a Burglary (Which is done quietly, when few are present), robbery missions involve taking valuables by force (Or threat of force) and then escaping before the authorities arrive. Instead of depending on security skills to bypass locks, a robbery depends on intimidation to force those with legitimate access to bypass security systems for you.

The following section provides guidelines on creating Robbery missions at various challenge levels:

  • Heroes' Pay: Adventure CL x 2000 credits
  • Target (Moderate): Individual Heroic character, level = Adventure CL.
  • Target (Hard): Burglary of a corporation or business.
  • Complication (Easy): Security team (4 opponents, CL = Adventure CL, armed with Blaster Pistols and Stun Grenades).
  • Complication (Easy): Entourage of assistants (5 opponents, CL = Adventure CL, armed with Hold-Out Blaster Pistols).
  • Complication (Medium): Witnesses (Nonheroic 1); heroes must make Medium Stealth checks to avoid Notice.
  • Complication (Moderate): Security team (6 Soldiers, CL = Adventure CL, armed with Blaster Rifles and Stun Grenades).
  • Complication (Moderate): Secured accommodations require a Medium Gather Information check to locate and a Moderate Mechanics check to breach.
  • Complication (Hard): Multiple layers of security, including a detachment of military personnel or bodyguards (8 opponents, CL = Adventure CL, split into two groups, armed with Blaster Rifles, Stun Grenades, and Combat Jumpsuits).
  • Complication (Hard): High security accommodations require a Moderate Gather Information check to locate and a Hard Mechanics check to breach.
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