Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Threats of the Galaxy

Riot Shields are common gear for law enforcement and planetary defense forces. Measuring about 1 meter long and half as wide, a Riot Shield is made of a metal frame that generates an energy shield that bends light so that it's outer surface is opaque, while it's inner side is transparent; allowing you unobstructed vision, but not extending the same benefit to your opponents. A Riot Shield has a Damage Reduction score of 5, 20 Hit Points, and a break DC of 25.

When held, a Riot Shield grants you Cover (+5 Cover bonus to your Reflex Defense) against all ranged attacks on any turn during which you Fight Defensively. You can also wield a Riot Shield as a melee weapon. When used in this way, it has the same statistics as a Stun Baton.

Weapon Type: Simple Weapons (Melee)

Size: Medium

Cost: 500

Damage: 1d6

Stun Setting: YES (2d6)

Weight: 6 Kilograms

Type: Bludgeoning or Energy (Stun)

Special: +5 Cover bonus when Fighting Defensively

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