Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy of Intrigue

See also: Challenge Effects

A Skill Challenge with the Restricted Skills effect represents a situation in which the same trick will not work more than a few times, if at all. This should be true in most Skill Challenges- you should not allow a hero to complete a challenge by using the same Skill over and over again- but this effect imposes more strict limitations. You can implement this effect in three ways. First, you can forbid certain Skills from being used in the challenge. Second, you can limit the number of times that certain Skills can be used, either by an individual hero or by the party overall. Third, you can rule that when a hero accrues a Failure with a certain Skill, that Skill can no longer be used to earn Successes in the challenge.

For example, you could use this effect in a challenge with a Hutt crime lord as he judges the heroes' worthiness to work for him, or when the characters are trying to sneak into a secret research facility where Failure triggers alarms.

Use the Restricted Skills Effect when:

  • You want to encourage heroes to vary the Skills they use.
  • The situation warrants that you bar a particular Skill from being used.
  • You want to encourage less obvious solutions to the problems of the Skill Challenge.
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