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This article lists notable characters of The Resistance and their relevant eras within the Star Wars universe.

The Resistance Era Edit

See also: The Resistance Era

Rebellion Era Campaign Guide
Admiral Ackbar CL 11 A famous war hero from the Rebellion, now helming the Resistance flagship Raddus.
Homebrew Content
Finn CL 4 A former First Order Trooper that defects after meeting Poe Dameron and later the Scavenger Rey.
Kazuda Xiono CL 5 Recruited by Poe Dameron, Kazuda is one of the many Resistance Agents across the galaxy, reporting valuable information on The First Order.
Rey, Awoken CL 6 A seemingly insignificant scavenger from Jakku, who comes into contact with BB-8 and his invaluable starmap to Luke Skywalker.
Rose Tico CL 6 A maintenance tech with a talent for tinkering, who is pushed onto the front lines of the new galactic civil war.
Rey, The Last Jedi CL 10 The last of The Jedi and the final apprentice of Luke Skywalker. Seeking a middle ground to the eternal conflict of Light and Dark.
Finn, Strike Commander CL 11 After the near-disaster on Crait, Finn now works closely with Poe and Rose to rebuild The Resistance, and combat the growing menace of The First Order.
Poe Dameron CL 11 The ace pilot of The Resistance, known for his hot head and reckless tactics.
Rose Tico, Commander CL 12 The commander of the Engineering Corps, helping to coordinate Resistance operations throughout the galaxy.
Vice Admiral Holdo CL 13 An unorthodox commander that assumes control of the Resistance Fleet after General Organa is injured in the attack on The Raddus.
Poe Dameron, General CL 14 A more even-tempered leader of The Resistance, having taken to heart the lessons learned at D'Qar.
Rey CL 16 A bastion of The Force, the last Force-user standing against Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and The First Order.
Leia Organa, General CL 18 A prominent leader of the Rebellion, Leia sees a growing threat with the rise of The First Order, and takes an active stance against it with The Resistance.
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