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This article is a collection of Vehicles produced for or widely used by The Galactic Republic and their respective eras in which they are present.

The Rise of the Empire Era Edit

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Saga Edition Core Rulebook

LAAT/i Gunship Airspeeder CL 12 Main infantry transport for the Grand Army of the Republic.
LAATi Gunship
ARC-170 Starfighter Starfighter CL 11 Main starfighter of the Grand Army of the Republic.
ARC-170 Starfighter

Starships of the Galaxy

V-Wing Starfighter Starfighter CL 8 Short-range heavy assault starfighter.
V-Wing Starfighter
V-19 Torrent Starfighter Starfighter CL 9 A starfighter with exceptional speed and maneuverability, late replaced by the V-wing at the end of the Clone Wars.
Advanced V-19 Torrent Starfighter
Consular-Class Cruiser Space Transport CL 8 Used primarily as a diplomatic vessel, particularly by The Jedi Order. Some were refitted to fit combat roles during The Clone Wars.
Consular-Class Cruiser1
Theta-Class Shuttle Space Transport CL 11 Shuttle favored by senators and diplomats.
Theta-Class Shuttle
GR-75 Medium Transport Capital Ship CL 8 Used as a resupply craft to reinforce the supply line of the Grand Army of the Republic.
GR-75 Medium Transport

-Class Assault Ship

Capital Ship CL 18 Mainline Assault ship used by the Grand Army of the Republic.
Acclamator-Class Assault Ship

II-Class Assault Ship

Capital Ship CL 18 Assault ship primarily used for orbital bombardment.
Acclamator II-Class Assault Ship

-Class Light Cruiser

Capital Ship CL 18 Used as a less expensive alternative to other capital ships, usually acting as an armed escort for even larger vessels.
Carrack-Class Light Freighter

-Class Heavy Cruiser

Capital Ship CL 18 Manned by volunteers and militias of Republic planets.
Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser-0
Venator-Class Star Destroyer Capital Ship CL 19 Commonly used as the flagship of Jedi Commanders.
Venator-Class Star Destroyer
Outbound Flight Capital Ship CL 22 An enormous vessel utilized by Master Jorus C'baoth in an attempt to settle The Unknown Regions.
Outbound Flight
Force Unleashed Campaign Guide
HAVw A5 Juggernaut Wheeled Vehicle CL 11 Heavy duty transport, used to traverse dangerous combat zones in the heat of battle.
HAVw A5 Juggernaut
Victory I-Class Star Destroyer Capital Ship CL 19 Part of the Victor Initiative Project, designed to match Confederate warships.
Victory I-Class Star Destroyer

Clone Wars Campaign Guide

BARC Speeder Speeder CL 5 The Grand Army's preferred light recon vehicle, capable of performing at high altitudes.
BARC Speeder
UT-AT Speeder CL 6 Notoriously unstable transport sledge, with extensive weaponry.
ISP Speeder CL 7 A heavy transport Speeder used over "Soft" terrain.
Infantry Support Speeder Platform
TX-130 Saber-Class Fighter Tank Speeder CL 7 Mobile tanks used to counter Federation AAT-1s.
TX-130 Saber-Class Fighter Tank


CL 10 Lighter, faster version of the AT-TE.


CL 6 An early prototype of the AT-RT.
AT-RT Walker CL 5 Short-range reconnaissance Vehicles used in teams of three.
AT-RT Unmanned
AT-TE Walker CL 12 Republic assault tank, designed to push through enemy troops with minimal damage.
SPHA Walker CL 16 Artillery that mounts a heavy starship-scale weapon capable of bringing down capital ships or levelling cities
Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery
LAAT/c Gunship Airspeeder CL 8 Vehicle carriers, rapidly deploying heavier equipment in a timely manner.
LAATc Gunship
Medlifter Troop Transport Airspeeder CL 4 Ferry wounded troops from the front lines to Republic Mobile Surgical Units. Image Unavailable
RTT Airspeeder CL 8 Lightly armored troop transports, used in neutral drop points.
Y-Wing Bomber Starfighter CL 10 Primary Republic bomber, used as strike craft against the Confederacy.
Y-Wing Bomber

-Class Shuttle

Space Transport CL 11 Landing craft created for military deployments.
Kappa-Class Shuttle

-Class Attack Shuttle

Space Transport CL 12 Faster, better armored transport than LAAT/i Gunship with space capability.
Nu-Class Attack Shuttle
Corellian CR-20 Troop Transport Space Transport CL 13 Enormous troop transports used sparingly in contested territories.

-Class Frigate

Capital Ship CL 15 Hospital ships used to stabilized wounded troopers.

-Class Charger c70

Capital Ship CL 16 Modified Consular ships used as escort vessels.
Corellian Consular-Class Fighter Carrier

-Class Medical Frigate

Capital Ship CL 16 Multipurpose escorts, usually paired with MedStar Frigates.
Corellian Pelta-Class Frigate
Rebellion Era Campaign Guide
U-LAV Speeder CL 5 Powerful assault craft, used to great effect against Droid forces.
Rebel Files ULAV
AT-PT Walker CL 6 A prominent scout walker, used in urban conflicts for its heavier armor.
Galaxy at War
CK-6 Freeco Speeder Bike Speeder CL 6 More heavy-duty bike used in environments of extreme cold.
CK-6 Freeco Speeder
Homebrew Content - Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook
Decimator Tank Tracked Vehicle CL 12 An experimental design by Wookiee engineers, using a devastating Decimator Beam.
Decimator Tank
AT-MI Walker CL 5
AT-OT Walker CL 7
AT-RE Walker CL 8
AT-RE/h Walker CL 8 Image Unavailable
AT-HE Walker CL 11
HAVw A6 Juggernaut Wheeled Vehicle CL 15
HAVw A6 Juggernaut
105-K Lancer Bike Speeder CL 3
105-K Lancer Bike
Gaba-18m Landspeeder Speeder CL 3
Gaba-18m Landspeeder
Anti-Air Artillery Tank Speeder CL 9
Anti-Air Artillery Tank
Anti-Air Heavy Artillery Tank Speeder CL 10 Image Unavailable
Eddicus-Class Planetary Shuttle Airspeeder CL 3
Eddicus-Class Planetary Shuttle
Util-313 Airbus Airspeeder CL 3
Util-313 Airbus
Forward Command Center Airspeeder CL 4 A deployable tactical center used to coordinate Republic troops in major offenses.
Forward Command Center
HAET-221 Gunboat Airspeeder CL 9
HAET-221 Gunboat
Faraway-Class Scout Ship Starfighter CL 6 Image Unavailable
Cord-Class Starfighter Starfighter CL 7 Light interceptors utilized early in the Clone Wars. Phased out for the much more versatile V-19 Torrent Starfighter.
Cord-Class Starfighter
Delta-12 Skysprite Trainer Starfighter CL 7
Delta-12 Skysprite Trainer
T.I.E. Starfighter Starfighter CL 7
T.I.E. Starfighter
LAAB-2 Starfighter CL 8
LAAG-2 Starfighter CL 8
Corellian Lancet Interceptor Starfighter CL 10 Iconic craft of the Republic Judicial Department. Often found in Mid Rim and border planets.
Corellian Lancet Interceptor
Relay Starfighter Starfighter CL 10
Relay Starfighter
Delta-7B Aethersprite Light Interceptor Starfighter CL 11
Delta-7B Aethersprite Light Interceptor
Whitecloak Fighter Starfighter CL 11
Whitecloak Fighter
Chryya-Class Very Fast Courier Starfighter CL 12 Image Unavailable
Tavya-Class Picket Starfighter Starfighter CL 12 Image Unavailable
NTB-630 Naval Bomber Starfighter CL 13
NTB-630 Naval Bomber
PTB-625 Planetary Bomber Starfighter CL 13
PTB-625 Planetary Bomber
Corellian CR-25 Troop Carrier Space Transport CL 8 Heavy equipment carrier used to ferry troops and gear in battlezones.
Corellian CR-25 Troop Carrier
Jadthu-Class Landing Craft Space Transport CL 8 Heavily armored military transport, created by Incom to support the Grand Army. Image Unavailable
Spirit-Class Rescue Craft Space Transport CL 8
VAAT/e Transport Space Transport CL 9
Corellian Rescue Frigate Space Transport CL 10
LAAT/v Gunship Space Transport CL 12 LAAT hybrid, ferrying both troops and Speeders. Image Unavailable
Seltaya-Class Fast Courier Space Transport CL 12
Seltaya-Class Fast Courier
Skyfire-Class Heavy Assault Cruiser Space Transport CL 12 Heavy strike ships, replaced soon after deployed due to their sluggish engines.
Skyfire-Class Heavy Assault Cruiser
Tri-Mark VII Interceptor Space Transport CL 12
The Longshot
SX-4 Clone Trooper Transport Space Transport CL 14
SX-4 Clone Trooper Transport
LAAT/a Gunship Space Transport CL 15
Palpatine's Theta Shuttle Space Transport CL 16
Palpatine's Theta Shuttle
Corellian Escort Cruiser Capital Ship CL 8
Corellian Escort Cruiser
Corellian Pelta-Class Frigate Capital Ship CL 8
Corellian Pelta-Class Frigate
Corellian Star Shuttle Capital Ship CL 8
Corellian Star Shuttle

-Class Fighter Carrier

Capital Ship CL 12
Corellian Consular-Class Fighter Carrier

-Class Assault Cruiser

Capital Ship CL 13 Minor patrol and support craft used in obscure sectors of Republic Space.
Corellian Assault Cruiser

-Class Missile Cruiser

Capital Ship CL 13 Anti-Capital Ship missile platforms, first deployed in the Stark Hyperspace War.
Corellian Consular-Class Missile Cruiser
Corellian Scout Ship Capital Ship CL 14
Corellian Scout Ship

-Class Troop Transport

Capital Ship CL 14
Porter-Class Troop Transport

-Class Heavy Frigate

Capital Ship CL 15
Centax-Class Heavy Frigate
Corellian Star Cruiser Capital Ship CL 15 Image Unavailable
Thranta-Class Warship Capital Ship CL 16 Image Unavailable
Alderaan Royal Frigate Capital Ship CL 18
Alderaan Royal Frigate

-Class Star Destroyer

Capital Ship CL 20
Tector-Class Star Destroyer

-Class Star Battlecruiser

Capital Ship CL 30
Procurator-Class Star Battlecruiser
Doxiadis-Class Warship Capital Ship CL 34 Image Unavailable
Mandator I

-Class Star Dreadnought

Capital Ship CL 38
Mandator I-Class Star Dreadnought
Mandator II-Class Star Dreadnought Capital Ship CL 39
Mandator II-Class Star Dreadnought
General Homebrew Content
LAAT/s Gunship

Space Transport

CL 9 The LAAT/s Gunship is an uncommon variant of the LAAT/i Gunship, prioritizing stealth over capacity.
LAATs Gunship
Arquitens-Class Light Cruiser Capital Ship CL 18 Republic escort craft, often paired with heavier Venator-Class Star Destroyers.
Arquitens Cruiser
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