Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scavenger's Guide to Droids

Droid System Type: Appendages

Cost: Appendage Cost x 2

Availability: Restricted

A disassembled Droid is usually not a threat. Most beings overlook a pile of droid parts on the floor and keep moving. This package allows a Droid to voluntarily remove an arm or a hand and operate it as if it were still attached to the Droid's body.

This Equipment comes in basic and deluxe versions. The 1500-credit basic package enables one specified Appendage to operate on its own. The Appendage has a small repulsor unit inside it, allowing it to move (Hovering) up to 6 squares, and remains functional at a maximum range of 24 squares. While detached, the Appendage can perform any action it would normally be able to if attached to the Droid. The 6,000-credit deluxe package enables multiple limbs to be active at once. A Droid can control a number of Appendages equal to 1 + its Intelligence modifier (Minimum 1).

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