Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scum and Villainy

Upgrade Type: Universal Upgrade

Cost: 100

Upgrade Point Cost: 0

Availability: Common

This Upgrade allows a piece of Equipment to be activated with a signal from a Comlink or similar Communications Device. Although typically associated with Explosives or Security Systems, Remote Activation can be used to set a Droid to activate, a Fusion Lantern to flare to life, a computer to start running a program, or a holoprojector to begin a recorded holoprojection. Activating a remote is a Swift Action, which includes entering the special command code (Allowing a single Comlink to activate multiple pieces of Remote Activation gear, one Swift Action per item activated).

The range of Remote Activation is determined by the Comlink or other Communications Device used. Any Comlink can be used to activate the gear, sending a signal with a specific code along a specific frequency. A character aware of a piece of remotely activated gear can find the necessary frequency and activation code with a DC 30 Use Computer check.

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