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The heroes are only a few kilometers away from the abandoned Rebel base and can make it there on foot with relative ease. Rebel Command's intelligence was correct: the area is mostly devoid of an Imperial presence- for the moment, at least. But a few scattered patrols have begun to approach the base.

Have the heroes make three separate DC 20 Stealth checks as they travel to the Rebel base. If all three checks succeed, the character elude Imperial patrols and reach the base without incident. However, if they fail at least one Stealth check, they are spotted by a patrol of four Stormtroopers and two Heavy Stormtroopers, who attack immediately. This encounter takes place on a map of the Gamemaster's devising but should include one area of Cover; the rest has been blaster away during previous air strikes or is simply the muddy terrain of the planet.

Because Jabiim's atmosphere is particularly full of electromagnetic interference, the Imperial patrols (If encountered) cannot report the presence of the character to their commanders.

Read-Aloud Text Edit

Eventually, the heroes spot their objective- a ferrocrete bunker atop a low, muddy hill. The Intelligence Officer is inside, almost unconscious from pain and the meds he used to treat his wounds. Read aloud the follow text:

At last, you come upon the Rebel base. The building, crafted from ferrocrete that shows the ravages of the recent bombardments, sits atop a low, muddy hill. Switchbacks carved into the side of the hill lead to the bunker. This cramped, trenchlike path is carved partly into the side of the hill; it provides Cover but is Difficult Terrain. A low pall of smoke rises from the bunker, and on the roof of the structure is some sort of antiaircraft emplacement, its barrels pointing toward the sky.

Continued in Up The Hill

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