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As technology evolved, the Rattataki focused all of their efforts on more brutal methods for murder. War became the norm. Over generations of fighting, most of the cities on the planet were reduced to rubble and huge portions of the planet's population became victims of mass genocide. The Rattataki never developed weapons of planetary scale, so the bloody world wars raged on for generations. The ceaseless violence prevented the world from developing space travel, and the Rattataki believed they were alone the galaxy- they had no concept of galactic community, and only conquering their neighbors seemed important.

Those that discovered Rattatak were unscrupulous slavers common in The Outer Rim. The wiry Rattataki themselves proved to be an unpopular export, as they were simply too difficult to train and too violent to contain. But credits could be made by importing slaves to the war barons, who would pay handsomely for any exotic edge in combat. Mercenary duty was a popular reason to come to Rattatak, though negotiating an end of service often was difficult.

While war continued everywhere else, an enterprising Rattataki from a rare neutral province hatched a lucrative idea. If prospective mercenaries and slave soldiers had to prove themselves in gladiatorial combat, the credits generated from the wagering and the spectacle could be used to buy more soldiers and offworld weapons.

Thus the gladiator pits of Rattatak came to be, and many sprang up in what rare patches of neutral lands could be found on the craggy world. The largest, known as the Cauldron, hosted the best combatants, and war barons and generals would attend, to seek out the soldiers that would win them their wars. Slavers filled the pits with violent candidates- some would purposely price the more successful warriors out of the purchase range of the Rattataki generals, as their gladiators were more profitable from fighting multiple battles than being sold into military service. But it was a rare gladiator indeed who could survive multiple fights.


Rattataki Characteristics Edit

Personality: The pale-skinned Rattataki are made for battle. Centuries of constant warfare have weeded out the weak, shaping the remainder into proud, passionate, and deadly combatants. Even entertainment for this violent species is combat; the gladiator pits of their home planet, Rattatak, are the planet’s most popular amusement, well-known for being the most brutal in the galaxy. Exposed to their Species’ competitive culture from birth, Rattataki develop into fearsome warriors.

Physical Description: The Rattataki are a Species of pale-skinned Near-Humans, standing 1.7 to 1.9 meters in height. Their skin is universally chalk-white, with bald heads. Their eyes possess more variation, between shades of grey and green. Most Rattataki imprint tattoos along their cranium to denote major life events and achievements.

Age Groups: Rattataki age at the following stages:

1-13 Years 14-18 Years 19-40 Years 41-62 Years 63-74 Years 75+ Years
Homeworld: The small, red world of Rattatak, floating in the far Outer Rim like a drop of blood. The planet is so remote that it remained undiscovered by the Republic, and the Rattataki evolved without the guidance or influence of other galactic forces.

Languages: Rattataki speak, read, and write Rattataki. They often learn other languages as well, including Basic and Zabrak.

Example Names: Aidur, Yjar, Kalyio Djannis, Charnagus, Vol Kolla, Jom Shomo.

Adventurers: Rattataki adventurers are always warriors in some sense or another, almost exclusively as Soldiers or occasional Scouts, and many go on to become Gladiators or Bounty Hunters.

Rattataki Species Traits Edit

Rattataki share the following Species Traits:

  • Ability Modifiers: None. Rattataki are wide-spread across the galaxy, and each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Medium Size: As Medium creatures, Rattataki have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Speed: Rattataki have a base speed of 6 squares.
  • Bonus Feat: All Rattataki gain the Improved Damage Threshold Feat as a bonus Feat at 1st level.
  • Iron Will: All Rattataki are resistant to mental attacks, and gain a +2 Species bonus to their Will Defense.
  • Military Lifestyle: The Rattataki culture has evolved away from galactic society in a difficult world. The Rattataki are as violent as their planet and are well known for their combat skills and gladiator talent. Rattataki always receive a Base Attack Bonus of +1 at first level, even if their Class doesn't normally allow such.
  • Automatic Language: All Rattataki can speak, read, and write Rattataki.
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