Affiliations: Beasts


While there are certainly larger and more viscous creatures in the galaxy, the Rancor holds a special place in the nightmares of countless sentient creatures. Creatures of vast rage and single-minded carnage, Rancors are periodically captured by big game hunters, and shipped to new worlds as exotic pets.

 Rancor Statistics (CL 11) Edit

Huge Beast 12

Initiative: +5; Senses: Low-Light Vision, Perception: +10

Defenses Edit

Reflex Defense: 17 (Flat-Footed: 17), Fortitude Defense: 16, Will Defense: 8

Hit Points: 138, Damage Threshold: 26; Fast Healing 5

Offense Edit

Speed: 8 Squares

Melee: Claws (2) +11* (1d8+20)

Melee: Bite +11* (2d6+20)

Fighting Space: 3x3 Squares; Reach: 2 Squares

Base Attack Bonus: +9, Grapple: +27; Crush, Pin

Attack Options: Cleave, Power Attack

Species Traits: Fast Healing 5

*Includes 6 points of Power Attack

Base Stats Edit

Abilities: Strength 26, Dexterity 9, Constitution 23, Intelligence 2, Wisdom 7, Charisma 15

Feats: Cleave, Crush, Pin, Power Attack, Toughness

Skills: Perception +9

Abilities Edit

Fast Healing 5: A Rancor automatically regains 5 Hit Points every round at the end of its turn, up to its normal maximum, until it is killed.

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