Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scum and Villainy

Upgrade Type: Armor Upgrade

Cost: 400

Upgrade Point Cost: 1

Availability: Common

Radiation Shielding is necessary heavy and bulky. Only a suit of Medium Armor or Heavy Armor can be modified with Radiation Shielding, and it increases the Armor's weight by 10 kg. The Radiation Shielding grants a +10 Equipment bonus to a wearer's Fortitude Defense against Radiation attacks, and it reduces any damage dealt by a successful Radiation attack by 5 points. In addition, any time you would move -1 Persistent step down the Condition Track as a result of Radiation damage while wearing this Armor, you can make a DC 20 Endurance check to negate the Persistent Condition. You can make this check only the first time you move down the Condition Track due to a particular Radiation Hazard; if you fail, you must have the Persistent Condition cured normal (See Treat Radiation).

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