Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Rebellion Era Campaign Guide

Prestige Classes enable characters to specialize, gaining new Talents and abilities unattainable to other Heroic Classes. These classes allow players to develop their characters around specific concepts, roles, or character types. Prestige Classes are optional, and the Gamemaster has the final say on which ones, if any, are allowed in the campaign. The Prestige Classes presented here enhance Rebellion Era Campaigns, but they can be used in any Era of Play.

All the new Prestige Classes described in this chapter are suitable for player or Gamemaster use. To qualify for a Prestige Class, a character must meet all the class's prerequisites. The players and Gamemaster should work together to generate adventures and storylines that allow players to take these classes.

New Talents for Existing Prestige Classes Edit

This chapter features two new Prestige Classes suitable for Rebellion Era Campaigns and also includes several new Talent Trees for existing Prestige Classes. As with the new Talent Trees for Heroic Classes in Heroic Traits, any character taking a level in the designated Prestige Class that would normally grant the Talent can take one of these Talents. Even though a Prestige Class description might not mention these Talent Trees specifically, they are considered to be a part of the list of suitable Talent Trees for that Prestige Class.

For example, the description of the Officer Prestige Class that appears in the Saga Edition Core Rulebook states that an Officer character can choose Talents from the Military Tactics Talent Tree, the Leadership Talent Tree, or the Commando Talent Tree. This chapter presents the Rebel Recruiter Talent Tree for the Officer, which is considered to be on the list of Talent Trees for the Officer just like the other three. If a Talent refers to a Class Level but does not specify a Class, the level is the combined number of levels in all of a character's Classes that grant access to that Talent.

However, none of the new Talent Trees granted to the Heroic Classes by this book is added to the list of approved Talent Trees for that Prestige Class unless specifically noted in that Talent Tree's description. For example, even though the Officer has access to the Leadership Talent Tree of the Noble, they do not gain access to the Gambling Leader Talent Tree from Heroic Traits even though it is considered to be a Noble Talent Tree. New Talents for existing Talent Trees are treated no differently from any other Talent in that tree.

New Prestige Class Talents Edit

This section presents new Talents for several of the Prestige Classes in the Saga Edition Core Rulebook. These Talents are suitable for heroes of any era, but they are especially appropriate for heroes in a Rebellion Era Campaign.

New Prestige Classes Edit

The following new Prestige Classes are available in The Rebellion Era.

Improviser Minimum Level: 7th

Trained Skills: Mechanics, Use Computer

Feat: Skill Focus (Mechanics)

Expert at coming up with quick solutions on the fly.
Pathfinder Minimum Level: 7th

Trained Skills: Perception, Survival

Talents: At least two Talents from the Awareness Talent Tree, Camouflage Talent Tree, or Survivor Talent Tree

Specialist in survival, exploration, and creating safe zones.
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