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During The Dark Times, the galactic fringe became a haven for anyone escaping the Empire. Politicians, military personnel, and civic-minded activists are forced to retreat into the underworld of criminal organizations and lawless galactic backwaters. Some maintain their ideals, while others succumb to the reality of their grim situation and focus on day-to-day survival.

As the Rebellion spreads, it finds in this fringe sympathetic individuals in unique positions of power, and the Rebellion makes surprising connections in unusual locales. The Rebels also encounter the most notorious criminal organizations and crime lords of the galaxy. Clashes are inevitable when ideology meets criminality. However, the Rebels hire or otherwise make use of smugglers and fringe criminals to secure arms, goods, transport, and Starships.

This chapter offers an array of organizations and individuals who might be enemies or allies of the heroes, depending on the situation. It is possible that these people might change from allies to villains (Or vice versa) as the campaign evolves. Rebel heroes might balk at dealing with Jabba the Hutt to obtain ordnance and material, but heroes who are independent ship owners or smugglers might jump at the opportunity to make credits as regular haulers for Jabba. Most fringe alliances are based on convenience or financial incentive rather than loyalty to any individual cause.

The Empire and The Fringe Edit

Despite the fact that, by their very nature, most fringe organizations are disobeying the edicts of the Empire, many Imperial officials turn a blind eye to illegal activities, provided those activities further their aims. For example, corrupt Imperial bureaucrats will associate with crime lords when it suits them, accepting bribes in exchange for favors. Even Darth Vader, the second highest-ranking individual in the Empire, calls upon bounty hunters to track down the heroes of Yavin when his own Imperial forces fail. The Fringe has a tenuous relationship with the Empire throughout The Rebellion Era, although that relationship can quickly end the moment the Empire decides that a group of criminals is no longer useful. When that happens, groups on The Fringe find that they have more in common with The Rebel Alliance than they do with their former partners in The Galactic Empire.

Bounty Hunters Edit

With the rise of the Rebellion, the galaxy's Bounty Hunters have a lucrative class of targets that the Empire is willing to pay generously for. Thanks to standing Imperial bounties for Rebels and their sympathizers, no enemy of the Empire can feel completely safe with Bounty Hunters in the area.

Even without hunting Rebels, Bounty Hunters of this era find plenty to keep them busy. There seems to be an endless number of failed smugglers and gunrunners who find themselves unable to repay their criminal bosses. Interstellar corporations might also find themselves in need of freelance help in dealing with thieves, troublesome competitors, and rogue personnel. The Empire's richest rewards are offered for Jedi, although they are even more difficult than Rebels for Bounty Hunters to apprehend. More often than not, these so-called Jedi turn out to be con artists, charlatans, or untrained Force-sensitives, for which the bounty is far smaller.

Bounty Hunters come from a variety of backgrounds. They can be ex-military members, rogue Droids, or even remnants of The Mandalorians. Regardless of where they come from, competition among Bounty Hunters is fierce, especially after the destruction of The Bounty Hunters' Guild in the early days of the Rebellion.

Until its destruction, The Bounty Hunters' Guild is a central clearinghouse for the majority of the galaxy's Bounty Hunters. In a plan masterminded by Black Sun head Prince Xizor and ordered by the Emperor, Boba Fett begins a bloody internal conflict that shatters the Guild. Following its destruction, individuals and small groups compete for bounties, power, and influence. During The Rebellion Era, some Bounty Hunters aspire to create a new Guild, while others are more than happy to pursue credits on their own without interference. After several years, the Guild eventually reclaims its former influence.

4-LOM CL 12 An eccentric Droid bounty hunter, often working with Zuckuss on major bounties or under Jabba the Hutt.
Dengar CL 11 A cybernetically-enhanced bounty hunter, with a grudge against Han Solo.
IG-88 CL 14 A methodical group of four identical models, three working to achieve galactic dominance while the forth acts as a bounty hunter to eliminate potential threats.

Black Sun Edit

Affiliation Page: Black Sun

Black Sun is a galaxywide criminal organization on par with The Hutt Kajidics. Although heavy operators within fringe society know the organization well, the public does not. Law-enforcement agencies know of its existence, but might be unaware of connections between local criminals and Black Sun or even of highly active segments of the Black Sun organization within their jurisdictions.

The Wing Guard Edit

Affiliation Page: The Wing Guard

The Wing Guard serves as Cloud City's security force, provides all emergency services, and fulfills civil responsibilities such as those of the elite Storm Guard weather-prediction unit. Throughout most of the history of Cloud City, The Wing Guard is a corrupt force, reflecting the personality of the Baron Administrator. When Lando Calrissian becomes the administrator of Cloud City, he clears out the corruption and turns The Wing Guard into a respectable organization. With better training and leadership, The Wing Guard becomes a reliable security force.

Wing Guard CL 4 Cloud City's security force, acting as both law enforcement and civil servants.

Jabba's Criminal Empire Edit

See also: The Hutt Kajidics

During The Rebellion Era, Jabba the Hutt's Outer Rim criminal empire is at its height. From Tatooine to Nal Hutta, Jabba rules the powerful Desilijic Kajidic. Besides the organization's spice smuggling ring, slave trafficking, and extortion, Jabba pursues schemes to further increase his wealth, power, and standing among The Hutt Kajidics.

Jabba employs the best bounty hunters, smugglers, scoundrels, and criminals in the galaxy. Working for the ruthless Hutt is risky. Jabba tolerates few mistakes, especially where credits are concerned. Only the foolish would attempt to double-cross Jabba; few ever succeed, and the penalty for the attempt is death.

Jabba rules his far-reaching organization from his Tatooine desert palace, parts of which are still inhabited by the B'omarr Monks who built it as their monastery. Jabba and his underlings fill its darkened corridors with intrigue and death. Jabba drops those who displease him to the ravenous Rancor below the throne room, while those who anger him intensely are fed to the Sarlacc in the Great Pit of Carkoon.

With Jabba's death at the hands of Princess Leia, competing crime lords fight for control of Jabba's organization. Eventually, Hutts Kumac and Jelasi emerge as joint clan leaders. Within a year, they lose the organization to Jabba's father, Zorba, through legal maneuverings and traditional Hutt scheming.

Jabba the Hutt CL 12 A notorious gangster known for his criminal empire stretching from Tatooine to Nal Hutta.
Bib Fortuna CL 5 The scheming and manipulative majordomo of Jabba the Hutt.
Gamorrean Guard CL 2 Thick-headed enforcers of the Hutts, with a penchant for impromptu violence.

The Zann Consortium Edit

Affiliation Page: The Zann Consortium

The Zann Consortium is a powerful criminal syndicate opposing both The Galactic Empire and The Rebel Alliance. Run by the crime lord Tyber Zann, the Consortium is his tool to take control of the galaxy's underworld and ultimately the galaxy. The Consortium's enemies include most major organizations in the galaxy, as well as criminal operations such as that of the Desilijic Hutt Clan.

The Consortium's rise to power begins shortly after the destruction of the first Death Star and continues beyond the Battle of Endor. Specialized Defilers excel at tasks such as corrupting officials, kidnapping, sabotage, and bribery.

The Consortium features a sizeable military arm, which is able to field formidable space and ground forces. The Consortium's access to black-market weaponry and military devices of its own design gives it a great advantage over its enemies. What it cannot steal or otherwise obtain, it builds. Ships, armor, Droids, equipment, and weaponry are all within the Consortium's capabilities.

The Corporate Sector Authority Edit

Affiliation Page: The Corporate Sector Authority

The Corporate Sector is a section of space in the Tingel Arm, formed just under 500 years ago from a group of several hundred systems lacking intelligent life. The Galactic Republic closely supervised corporate exploitation of the resources found in the sector. Under the control of Emperor Palpatine, the Corporate Sector was expanded to its current 30,000 star systems, some of which contained native, sentient life. The Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) was established to manage the sector's business. The Empire has exercised less oversight of the Corporate Sector than did the Republic, and allows the CSA's military and police forces free reign in dealing with the sector's native populations. This freedom has allowed the CSA to maximize profits at the expense of ecosystems and personal rights.

Beasts Edit

See also: Mounts

During the time of the Galactic Civil War, The Rebel Alliance and other factions make extensive use of Beasts of many kinds. Thanks to Imperial restrictions on weapons and Vehicles, many Beasts (Like the Cracian Thumper) serve as alternatives to some military hardware.

Cracian Thumper CL 3
Cracian Thumper (1)
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