Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Legacy Era Campaign Guide

You are specially trained to protect those around you, either by taking the brunt of attacks that are aimed at them, or by defusing dangerous situations before they occur.

Armored Guard Edit

Prerequisite: Ward

When you use the Ward Talent (See below), your ally's Cover bonus to their Reflex Defense is increased by one-half the Armor bonus of any Natural Armor you posses as well as any Armor you are wearing.

Bodyguard's Sacrifice Edit

As a Reaction, you can interfere with any successful attack against an adjacent ally. You can choose to take any or all of that attack's damage, and the remainder is dealt to the target as normal. Once you use this Talent, you may not use it again until the end of your next turn.

Guard's Endurance Edit

Prerequisite: Ward

Whenever you begin your turn adjacent to the target of your Ward Talent (See below), you gain bonus Hit Points equal to your Character Level until the start of your next turn. Damage is subtracted from the bonus Hit Points first, and any bonus Hit Points remaining at the end of the encounter go away. Bonus Hit Points from different sources do not stack.

Lifesaver Edit

Prerequisite: Bodyguard's Sacrifice

Once per encounter as a Reaction, when an ally takes damage that equals or exceeds its Damage Threshold or reduces it to 0 Hit Points, you can move up to your Speed provided you end your movement adjacent to that ally. This movement provokes Attacks of Opportunity as normal, you take all of the damage that triggered this Talent's use, and your ally takes no damage.

Out of Harm's Way Edit

As a Move Action, you allow one ally within 6 squares of you to move up to its Speed, provided the ally ends its movement adjacent to you. This movement does not provoke Attacks of Opportunity.

Roll With It Edit

Prerequisites: Bodyguard's Sacrifice, Take the Hit

Whenever you take damage on behalf of an ally through the use of a Talent (Including Harm's Way), you gain Damage Reduction equal to your Class Level until the end of your next turn.

Take the Hit Edit

Prerequisite: Bodyguard's Sacrifice

Whenever you take damage on behalf of an ally through the use of a Talent (Including Harm's Way), your Damage Threshold is increased by 5 points.

Ward Edit

As a Swift Action, designate one adjacent ally. Until the end of your next turn, as long as that ally remains adjacent to you, you are considered to be providing that ally with Soft Cover against all attacks. You cannot be designated as the target of this Talent (Such as, when it is used by an ally) if you have used this Talent since the start of your last turn, and you cannot use this Talent if you are currently designated as another ally's Ward.

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