Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scavenger's Guide to Droids

Droid System Type: Appendages

Cost: Appendage Cost x 2

Weight: (2 x Cost Factor) Kilograms

Availability: Licensed

4th-Degree Droids are programmed for combat and security, but other Droids can defend themselves as well. A popular modification is a Projectile Appendage, usually a Hand on humanoid Droids. When the projectile is activated, the Appendage flies toward the target. A Droid might use a Projectile Appendage in order to stun an aggressor or knock a blaster away rather than risking destruction in a blaster fight. 

The basic package is a tension-spring device that costs 250 credits to install. A Projectile Appendage is considered to be a Simple Weapon (Ranged) that deals 2d8 damage. Additionally, the Projectile Appendage can be used to make a ranged Disarm attempt against a target within 6 squares. 

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