Use this skill to operate a Vehicle. Basic operation of a Vehicle does not require a skill check or special training, but performing evasive maneuvers and difficult stunts does.

Whenever you make a Pilot check, you must apply the Vehicle's Size Modifier to your check (See Vehicle Sizes, below).

Vehicle Sizes
Colossal (Station) -10
Colossal (Cruiser) -10
Colossal (Frigate) -10
Colossal -10
Gargantuan -5
Huge -2
Large -1
Special: You can Take 10 when making a Pilot check except when attempting to increase a Vehicle's speed. You can't Take 20 on a Pilot check.

Avoid Collision Edit

You can make a DC 15 Pilot check as a Reaction to reduce or negate the damage from a Collision.

Dogfight Edit

When operating a flying Vehicle, you can make a Pilot check as a Standard Action to engage in a Dogfight.

Engage the Enemy (Trained Only) Edit

When Piloting a Vehicle in combat, you can choose to make a Pilot check instead of an Initiative check to determine your place in the Initiative Order.

Increase Vehicle Speed (Trained Only) Edit

You may make a DC 20 Pilot check as a Swift Action to make your Vehicle perform beyond its normal limits. (You can't Take 10 on this check.) If this check fails, your Vehicle's Speed does not increase, and your Vehicle moves -1 step on the Condition Track. If you succeed, your Vehicle's Speed increases by 1 square until the start of your next turn. For every 5 points by which you exceed the DC, your Vehicle's Speed increases by an additional 1 square.

Ram Edit

You can make a Pilot check as part of a Full-Round Action to collide intentionally with a target (See Ram).

 Additional Pilot Applications Edit

The following applications of the Pilot skill are compiled from the subsequent reference books released for Saga Edition:

Fly Casual (Trained Only) Edit

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scum and Villainy

Whenever you are Piloting a Starship or other Vehicle, you can substitute a Pilot check for a Deception check to give off a Deceptive Appearance. You still might be required to produce documentation and know specific procedures as is customary for the situation, but this use helps you avert suspicion in the first place, especially when your authorization codes are old and out of date.

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