Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Threats of the Galaxy

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Creatures that have the "Pack" or "Swarm" traits are actually a group of three or more individual creatures that move and fight as a single unit. They occupy the same space and are treated as a single creature for the purpose of combat, though they might be described as a cluster or several creatures. For example, a Womp Rat Pack has a single statistics block and acts like a single creature, but might actually be three or four Womp Rats in the context of the encounter's description. Typically, a Pack or Swarm has a CL 2 points higher than the base creature's CL.

Creating a Pack or Swarm Edit

To create a Pack or Swarm, make the following changes to the statistics block of any creature:

  • Increase the creature's size by one category, and apply all relevant modifiers.
  • Double the creature's Hit Points.
  • Increase the creature's Damage Threshold by 10.
  • All melee attacks are considered melee Area Attacks, affecting all squares within Reach. An adjacent allied Pack or Swarm is not affected by a Pack or Swarm's melee Area Attacks.
  • All ranged attacks are considered to have a 1-square Splash.
  • Area Attacks deal an extra 2 dice of damage against a Pack or Swarm.
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