Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scum and Villainy

Upgrade Type: Weapon Upgrade

Cost: 250

Upgrade Point Cost: 1

Availability: Military

An Overload Switch allows any Energy Weapon to build a feedback loop that causes it to explode. When activated as a Swift Action, the Weapon becomes an Improvised Thrown Weapon (-5 penalty on your ranged attack roll) with a 2-square Burst. A Weapon whose size is two or more steps greater than yours (Such as a Human using an E-Web Repeating Blaster) cannot be Thrown, so it will instead detonate at the end of your turn.

The overloaded Weapon deals Energy damage equal to double it's normal damage dice; for example, an overloaded Blaster Pistol deals 6d6 points of Energy damage. Once the Overload Switch is used, the Weapon is destroyed. This modification cannot be added to Grenades, Mines, or other Explosives.

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