Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Starships of the Galaxy

Scoundrels learn a variety of tricks that allow them to squeeze more life out of ailing technology, and they can enhance their gear in ways the manufacturer never intended.

Fast Repairs Edit

Prerequisites: Trained in Mechanics

Once per encounter, you may Jury-Rig an object or Vehicle that is not Disabled. All normal benefits and penalties for Jury-Rigging still apply.

Hot Wire Edit

Prerequisites: Trained in Mechanics

You can use your Mechanics check modifier instead of your Use Computer check modifier when making Use Computer checks to improve access to a computer system. You are considered Trained in the Use Computer skill for purposes of using this Talent. If you are entitled to a Use Computer check reroll, you may reroll your Mechanics check instead (Subject to the same circumstances and limitations).

Quick Fix Edit

Prerequisites: Trained in Mechanics

Whenever you Jury-Rig an object or Vehicle, the Vehicle gains a number of temporary hit points equal to the result of your Mechanics check. Damage is subtracted from these temporary hit points first, and temporary hit points go away at the conclusion of the encounter.

Personalized Modifications Edit

As a Standard Action, you may tweak the settings, grips, and moving parts of a powered weapon you wield, tailoring it to your needs. For the remainder of a the encounter, you gain a +1 Equipment bonus on attack rolls, and a +2 Equipment bonus on damage rolls with that weapon. You can use this Talent only on powered weapons (Those that require an Energy Cell or Power Pack to operate), including weapons connected to a larger power source (Such as Vehicle and Starship weapons).

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